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 The Beauty of a Bronze Frog Sculpture

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PostSubject: The Beauty of a Bronze Frog Sculpture   Fri Feb 04, 2011 1:33 pm

Frogs gifts tend to come available in many different forms, but the most fantastic and majestics form so far for me is the bronze frog. Throughout history the bronze sculpture has been a favourite with all artists and sculptors, which is why if you ask any frog enthusiast, why they place the bronze frog in the most prominet place in the house, its because of its rare beauty and devine historic prescence.

Bronze can be left outdoors throughout the year. For those who live in the north where snow falls regulary throughout the winter, leave your sculpture outside to create a beautiful view all year. Cast in the ancient lost wax tradition, this bronze will live on throughout your lifetime and beyond. It will require little care apart from a polish every now and again and will look majestic as the sun bounces of it in the glade.

Bronze sculptures will last a lifetime and make wonderful additions to the home, office or as a gift for the family, friends, clients and employees. Try to sway from the normal types of gift and hit someone with this you wont be disapointed with the reaction, and they will remeber you for years, mentioning you to everyone.

When you see a bronze frog, you will immediately notice that its skin is smooth. The male species have their throats in a certain shade of yellow. As for their legs, the hind is measurably long and their toes are webbed.

And because these frogs are majestic in form, artists usually choose them to be art subjects. The most preferred pieces of which are frog sculptures. These sculptures are regularly placed outdoors and are mostly seen in the garden. In fact they are mainly a garden item such so that garden centres have now started stocking them, with the more expensive models ready to order.

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The Beauty of a Bronze Frog Sculpture
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