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 Give Your Lawn The Correct Amount Of Watering

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PostSubject: Give Your Lawn The Correct Amount Of Watering   Fri Feb 04, 2011 1:32 pm

If there is normal, rainfall occurring then there will not be enough of moisture in the soil, which is very much necessary. The grass that is growing instead of going green goes brown on the contrary. To ensure you with high quality of lawn then proper watering is needed.

If the footprints remain while you are walking around the lawn or a little change in the color to dark blue green for the pitch green and the grass blades seems to be folding, these are the signs that the amount of water of the lawn in not sufficient. More amount of water is needed to maintain the lawn in a lively condition and let it look beautiful. Lawn maintenance is necessary and is equally important.

Proper timing

The proper timing for watering your lawn is early in the morning and when the wind is not blowing. This lets the more amounts of water to get absorbed and in the even distribution. Water before the mid-day when the evaporation rate is the highest, in order to avoiding the lessen the water quantity.

Watering could be done in the evenings that would be good time to water your lawn. Most of the disease causing fungi require several hours of leaf wetness for the infections and the disease to occur, so do not let the encouragement grow.

Water amount

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Give Your Lawn The Correct Amount Of Watering
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