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 Buying A Pond Heater: Vital Considerations

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PostSubject: Buying A Pond Heater: Vital Considerations   Fri Feb 04, 2011 12:42 pm

Buying a pond heater might not necessarily be the most glamorous of topics, yet it is crucial to make sure you buy the right pond heater for your koi pond in order to ensure a healthy and safe environment for the fish and other life forms that live in your pond. Knowing what to opt for in buying a pond heater is vital to the success of your pond eco-system, and in this article we’ll look at exactly what must be taken into consideration. Whilst it may be important to speak to an expert in the area for a better idea of what’s best for your pond and the fish contained within it, there is still a great deal that can be done with a few steps in the right direction.

De-icer or heater?

One of the first questions you should consider when trying to buy a heater for your koi pond is whether or not you are looking to actually heat the pond, or rather just to prevent it from freezing over in the course of the winter months. The outcome of this will determine exactly which type of heater you need, and the implications thereafter for maintenance costs and the impact on the survival of your fish. Heating a pond is more difficult than de-icing, and will probably require some further reading and research to make sure you achieve both efficiency and optimum heat across the pond.

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Buying A Pond Heater: Vital Considerations
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