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 I had trouble

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PostSubject: I had trouble   Mon Jan 31, 2011 7:45 am

I had trouble with her. I played hard and I threw her all the dirtiest stuff I knew, and I was lucky to win five out of the ten games. If you had the slightest idea of easing up on her because she was only a cute little girl, you were dead. She would murder you. I found out damn quick you could not leave her an open shot. If you did she would take those balls away from you and stick them right up your pooper. The killer instinct—that broad had it, and never mind the little smile.[18]
A number of pre-booked stops on the tour suffered from lack of attendance. Cochran was very bitter about it. NEA sports editor, Harry Grayson indicated that the game was in general decline, and said that Cochran "traces the decline of championship and exhibition billiards to manufacturers taking the stars off the payroll during the depression."[9] In a previous exhibition tour by Cochran and Hoppe in 1945, they had sold out in 13 cities.[9] Despite some lackluster stops, upon her return to California, Katsura continued to play exhibition matches with the game's greats. Katsura and Kilgore put on a week long exhibition in San Francisco in January 1953, where they seesawed back and forth. On January 12, Katsura beat Kilgore in their first match with runs of seven and ten, but lost to him in their second. The total points scored by the two at that time was 349 for Katsura to Kilgore's 379.[55]
Katsura started another exhibition series with Cochran at his club in February 1953[56] and, tuning up for the 1953 world tournament, to start on March 26, went on a nationwide tour with Willie Hoppe in the latter part of February 1953.[57] The 30-day tour of the northeastern U.S. included Chicago, Boston and other locations. Her husband accompanied her to provide translation.[21] In their multiple-day exhibition match in Chicago, it was reported in the midst that Katsura had unsurprisingly won only one out of four matches against Hoppe,[58] often pegged as the greatest player of all time.[59][60]

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I had trouble
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