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 Billiards champion

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PostSubject: Billiards champion   Mon Jan 31, 2011 7:45 am

Billiards champion Tex Zimmerman (Cochran's partner in the 924 Club)[13] and well known pool hustler Danny McGoorty had a hand in organizing the tour. In preparation, they played up Katsura's exoticness and her physical attractiveness. Tex Zimmerman's wife sewed tight-fitting kimonos for Katsura, slit up the side, which she wore during her exhibitions with high heels.[18] Katsura was a tiny woman, weighing between 88[37] and 96 pounds.[33] and standing 5 feet tall—just about the height of a standard cue stick.[37] McGoorty later mused: "Masako was cute! She was thirty-nine years old but she looked twenty-nine. She hopped around that table on her high heels, giving the fans a little smile, and everybody loved her."[18]
It was Katsura's playing ability, though, rather than her other charms, that made her a phenomenon. When Cochran returned from his tour with Katsura he told McGoorty, who was a world class player in his own right, "you will have trouble with her."[18] When they finally got a chance to play, the match drew crowds. "They could have sold seats in the toilet!" McGoorty exclaimed.[18] After the match, McGoorty confirmed Cochran's prediction:

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Billiards champion
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