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 The importance of publishing negative results

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PostSubject: The importance of publishing negative results   Fri Jan 07, 2011 11:56 pm

Everybody likes positive results. But the fact is that they are the less, especially when you talk about Science. Many scientific journals skew towards only publishing “positive” data; that is, data that successfully proves a hypothesis. Others, like The All Results Journals are the home for negative or “secondary” data: experimental documentation of hypotheses that turn out not to be true, or other experiments that do not lead to an advance of a specific hypothesis but are, nevertheless, a true rendering of that experiment. For example, if a researcher set up a cell-based experiment and the experiment did not work in a particular set of conditions, it would be very useful for other researchers to know this (to avoid time and money wasting and better planning). There is a huge untapped resource of experimental data locked up in laboratory notebooks that could be of great service to the scientific community at large. Many experiments fail to produce results or expected discoveries. This high percentage of ‘failed’ research can still generate high quality knowledge. The main objective of The All Results Journals is to recover and publish these valuable pieces of scientific information.

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The importance of publishing negative results
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