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 Preferring live

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PostSubject: Preferring live    Sat Dec 18, 2010 4:00 am

Preferring live recording takes for better sound authenticity,[9] Epworth's style separated a band's elements by accentuating the bass and by allowing the guitarists space to improvise.[13] The producer meticulously tuned and retuned the components of the drum kit for a specific sound and used ribbon or condenser microphones lined up in an equidistant formation.[9] According to Lissack, the basic idea was to emulate the "optimum audio representation" of songs heard in a club environment by adding guitar lines on top of boosted drum and bass tracks.[14] Epworth advised Bloc Party to shape dynamics "a bit more subtly". As the sessions progressed, the band members started experimenting with distortion pedals to add to their "chiming, clean guitar sound",[9] although they did not listen to the producer about song structure.[11] In the end, 15 tracks were recorded in 22 days in Copenhagen,[3] while the vocal overdubbing was subsequently done at London locations.[9] Throughout the studio sessions, Okereke focused closely on the nuances of songs by often amending "microscopics".[15]

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Preferring live
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