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 Quoc was imprisoned

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PostSubject: Quoc was imprisoned    Wed Dec 15, 2010 4:13 am

Quoc was imprisoned for his actions, while Cu remained in exile in Cambodia where he worked as a language teacher.[1] Diệm asked Cambodia to extradite Cu, but this request was refused.[5] Cambodiaís Prince Norodom Sihanouk and Diệm had extremely hostile relations, and the Ngo family had tried to depose him in the past by funding coup attempts. In 1959, Nhu tried to assassinate Sihanouk by sending him a parcel bomb.[12] As a result, Sihanouk routinely gave asylum to political refugees who had tried to depose or kill Diệm. In November 1960, he had given asylum to a group of paratroopers who tried to depose Diệm.[13]
In the meantime, Diệmís police sought to track down Cuís father, who had gone into hiding following the assassination attempt.[5] After Diệm's assassination in November 1963, Quoc was released from prison and Cu returned from exile on November 16, and they resumed their service in the air force.[1][14] Quoc then advanced to the rank of lieutenant colonel in 18 months before being killed in an air raid over North Vietnam on April 20, 1965.[15]

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Quoc was imprisoned
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