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 The VNAF reacted

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PostSubject: The VNAF reacted   Wed Dec 15, 2010 4:13 am

The VNAF reacted to the two pilots’ actions by sending a resolution to Diệm, saying that the attack was an “absolutely isolated and foolish” event that “impaired the prestige of the air force” and was “detrimental to the national effort in the present struggle and is profitable to the Communists in their work of subversion”.[6] The National Revolutionary Movement, an organization used by the Ngo family to stage orchestrated mass demonstrations in support of themselves, called for the death penalty against the two pilots and further asked Diệm to enact the “strictest measures to insure discipline in the military”.[6]
As a result of the attack, Diệm ordered that all VNAF aircraft be grounded and all aerial combat missions were suspended while his security officials investigated fighter pilots for any possible anti-regime tendencies.[6] This was achieved by placing tanks on the runway at Bien Hoa Air Base. Without assistance from accompanying fighter craft, it was deemed too risky for American helicopters to operate in the jungles against the communists.[6] On March 2, three days after the attack, Diệm allowed the air force to resume combat operations,[6] having concluded that Cu and Quoc’s sentiments were not representative of the air force.[5] For a few days after the attack, the areas around the palace were cordoned off and tanks were stationed at prominent streets in the capital.[8]

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The VNAF reacted
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