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 Theodore Roosevelt

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PostSubject: Theodore Roosevelt   Thu Nov 11, 2010 4:33 am

On December 27, 1904,[7] President Theodore Roosevelt, a personal friend of Saint-Gaudens,[3] wrote to his Secretary of the Treasury, Leslie Mortier Shaw: "I think the state of our coinage is artistically of atrocious hideousness. Would it be possible, without asking permission of Congress, to employ a man like Saint-Gaudens to give us a coinage which would have some beauty?"[7] Roosevelt had Mint Director George E. Roberts write to Saint-Gaudens, who replied, "I am extremely interested in the matter of the new designs of the coinage ... it will I assure you give me great pleasure to assist in the procuring of good work."[8] Roosevelt caused the Mint to engage Saint-Gaudens to redesign the coins which could be changed without the need for Congressional approval—the cent and the four gold coins.[9] No U.S. coin had ever been designed by anyone other than a Mint employee.[10]

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Theodore Roosevelt
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