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 Habitat and distribution

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PostSubject: Habitat and distribution   Tue Nov 09, 2010 3:07 am

Geastrum triplex is a saprobic fungus:[27] it derives nutrients from decomposing organic matter. The fruit bodies are usually found growing singly or more commonly in groups in hardwood forests where much humus has accumulated; in Mexico, they have been collected in tropical deciduous forest.[28] Fruit bodies are often found around well-rotted tree stumps;[26] they are initially almost buried in the loose duff, but emerge during maturity as the downward curling of the rays exposes the spore sac. Old fruit bodies are persistent, and may survive the winter to be found the following spring or summer.[21] A Dutch study reported a propensity for G. triplex to grow on soil made calcium-rich from washed-out chalk of crushed shells on bicycling paths.[29] It is described as common in North America and Europe.[20][16] One author states it is commonly found under beech trees.[23]

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Habitat and distribution
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