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 Kumo-Otoko (クモ男, Spiderman?)

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PostSubject: Kumo-Otoko (クモ男, Spiderman?)   Sat Nov 06, 2010 12:53 am

Kumo-Otoko (クモ男, Spiderman?)
The third of Onimaru's Hakki, he become something of a sidekick to Onimaru, who often sends him to others whom he instructed Spiderman to revive to attack Yaiba and his friends. He is also arguably the most comedic Hakki shown in the series. He calculates the expenses of financing high technological projects, usually with an old-fashioned abacus. In the anime, he sometimes uses a calculator with several features. His one true flaw is the fact that he's easily intimidated by loud noises. For example: several fragile materials like beer bottles or plate breaking against the floor can render Spiderman in a state of trauma. That, along with the fact that he's very gullible with limited fighting skills make him a not-so-formidable enemy. After Onimaru becomes carbonated, he comes to live with Yaiba while loyally polishing his master. He speaks with a Kansai dialect.
Seiyū: Tetsuo Sakaguchi

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Kumo-Otoko (クモ男, Spiderman?)
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