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 Healthcare in Italy

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PostSubject: Healthcare in Italy   Mon Nov 01, 2010 11:07 am

Healthcare in Italy

Italy has had a public healthcare system since 1978.[141] Healthcare spending in Italy accounted for more than 9.0% of the national GDP in 2008, slightly above the OECD countries' average of 8.9%.[142] However, Italy ranks as having the world's 2nd best healthcare system,[141][143] and the world's 3rd best healthcare performance.[144]

Italy had the 12th highest worldwide life expectancy in 2010,[145] while, as in many others western countries, seeing an increase in the proportion of overweight and obese people, with 34.2% of Italians self reporting as overweight and 9.8% self reporting as obese.[146] The proportion of daily smokers was 22% in 2008.[147] Smoking in public places including bars, restaurants, night clubs and offices has been restricted to specially ventilated rooms since 2005.[148]

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Healthcare in Italy
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