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  Margaret Watkins

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PostSubject: Margaret Watkins   Sat Oct 30, 2010 11:47 pm

Five women of Lynnhaven Parish Church (Sarah Norris, Margaret Watkins, Sarah Goodaerd, Mary Burgess, and Ursula Henley) examined Sherwood's naked body on the shoreline for any devices she might have to free herself and then covered her with a sack.[25] Six of the eight-member jury (all Lynnhaven Parish vestrymen) rowed in one boat 200 yards (180 m) out in the river,[2] and in another were the sheriff (Colonel Edward Mosely), the magistrate, and Sherwood. Just before she was pushed off the boat Sherwood spat out under clear skies, "Before this day be through you will all get a worse ducking than I."[2] Bound across the body her right thumb to her left big toe and her left thumb to her right big toe she was cast into the river, and quickly floated to the surface. As she was pulled out of the water a downpour reportedly started, drenching the onlookers.[2][3] The sheriff then tied a 13-pound (5.9 kg) Bible around her neck. Sinking to the river depths once again, Sherwood untied herself and swam to the surface, proof to the onlookers that she was a witch.[8][20][21] Several women who subsequently examined her for additional proof found "two things like titts on her private parts of a black coller", and she was jailed.[14][15]

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Margaret Watkins
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