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  Franciscan monastery

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PostSubject: Franciscan monastery   Tue Oct 26, 2010 12:48 am

The municipality is home to a Franciscan monastery and a large church. A large hut has been used as a courthouse.[9] The sandy plaza holds a Sunday market.[2]
The residents, mainly Maya peoples, are notable for a highly particular local culture retaining elements from their ancient Maya society past while including elements from the dominant Hispanic culture as well.[10] Most of the people are peasant Cakchiquel who once spoke only Cakchiquel but now mainly speak Spanish.[11] Other historians believe the town is inhabited by descendants of Nahua speaking Pipils, an indigenous people who live in western El Salvador.[4] However, in the Titulo de Alotenango, a 16th century legal document, the land dispute claims were between the Cakchiquel of Alotenango and the Pipil of Escuintla.[12]
Married couples leave their Patrilocal extended household only after several children are born.[11]
June 24 is a festival day in honor of Saint John the Baptist, the town's patron saint.

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Franciscan monastery
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