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 Pieter Boddaert

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PostSubject: Pieter Boddaert   Fri Oct 22, 2010 12:04 am

The Puerto Rican Amazon was described by Dutch ornithologist Pieter Boddaert in 1783. It belongs to the large Neotropical genus Amazona, commonly known as amazons; these birds have also been given the generic epithet of 'parrot' by the American Ornithologists' Union, hence Puerto Rican Parrot is an alternative common name in North America.[3] The indigenous Taíno people called it the Iguaca, an onomatopoeic name that resembled the parrots' flight call.[4]
There are two recognized subspecies:
A. v. vittata is the nominate and only extant subspecies, inhabiting Puerto Rico and formerly nearby Vieques Island and Mona Island.[5]
A. v. gracilipes inhabited Culebra Island and is now extinct. It is unclear whether it was substantially different from the nominate subspecies.

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Pieter Boddaert
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