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 The Pytheas Trip

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PostSubject: The Pytheas Trip    Thu Oct 21, 2010 12:06 am

The Pytheas Trip

The first news about the Germanic world are contained in the lost Pytheas work. It is believed that Pytheas circumnavigated Northern Europe, and his observations about the geographical environment, traditions and culture of the Northern European populations were a central source of information to later historians, possibly the only source.[20]. Authors such as Strabo, Pliny and Diodorus cite Pytheas in disbelief, although Pytheas' observations are substantially correct. Though Pytheas was not the first explorer of those lands (for example Himilco, Phoenicians, Tartessians), he was the first to describe these populations, and it is fair to say that much of the Germanic peoples' history enters into view through Pytheas.

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The Pytheas Trip
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