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 Halo: Reach the good and the bad (sorry for any spoiling)

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PostSubject: Halo: Reach the good and the bad (sorry for any spoiling)   Tue Oct 05, 2010 8:04 pm

Just posting about some things I think were good and bad about Halo: Reach

High customizability that shows up in the campaign. admittably it wouldn't have worked for previous games but they worked it into Reach quiet well.
Firefight customizability. The good parts of this is that you have load outs so you don't always start with the same guns like in ODST.
The DMR, I always wanted a single shot version of the battle rifle but it would have been nice to have both rather than lose the battle rifle.
Airstrike, was pretty fun to be able to call it in, it's like an area affect sparten laser.
The space based campaign maps, they work very well I think. I normally have difficulties playing games where you can fly in any direction in space but could handle it in Reach.
The creadit system for buying mods to your armour, thats really good and alows those of us who don't play it online to get more than 3 different suits of armour. Even though I can't get all of the suits still due to some needing special stuff i'm still happy, sort of need special things for those who go further with it all.
The abilities, they are all good just hard to get used to. I also loved the fact that the Elites also got the abilities when you verse them in the campaign, it's cool seeing Elites use it.
New vehicles I like, but I wish they kept the hornet. but then I wish they had kept several things for the human forces.
I loved the fact that they used both old and new covenant troopships.

I can't play as an Elite in most game types Sad Would have liked being able to play as an Elite in firefight but no thats only in certain types of the game.
Customizability for Elites was shot to hell, you only get certain suit types. that bloody sucks!
The look of many of the guns, I was disappointed with how the Assault rifle looked and many of the guns look weird, but at least they work.
The covenanent have a larger variety of guns, I would love to have seen more types of human guns but it didn't happen.
I didn't like and was shocked by the phantom turret rounds turning from plain plasma to explosive plasma, it's a huge pain to get used to.
I hate it when I pick up things like Drop shield or hologram only to die an get sprint back. I reckon when you die with an ability you should respawn with it rather than getting stuck with sprint all the time.

I'm sure there is more but I can't think of them right now.

Something that a friend of mine pointed out was that it would be cool if the armour customizations actually changed your stats in game play. I understand that it would be hard to balance but it would be cool especially if it took effect in the campaign and firefight cause then you could make challenges where you have to get through a level with armour that is to your disadvantage, makes you too slow or something. Of course the armour would still have it's advantages but they would be difficult to use for the particular map. ie, flight bonuses with no air craft on the map.
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Halo: Reach the good and the bad (sorry for any spoiling)
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