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 Bored, so i wrote Starcraft: Tales of Honor

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PostSubject: Bored, so i wrote Starcraft: Tales of Honor   Thu Feb 21, 2008 9:59 pm

i got bored, so i wrote this about 5 minutes ago, im going to add more shit, and for those who took time to read my other story, its half done, but im keeping the rest locked up.

here it is, for those who dont know StarCraft, learn

Starcraft: Tales of Honor

Prologue: UED

Location- Unknown,
Time- Unknown,

The UED, United Earth Defense, is the main stay military of Earth. The UED is funded more than a half of Earth economy making it one of the wealthiest organizations around. With the abilities to extend past moral and human rights and standards, the UED holds it’s fight against other waging colonies, and alien races. The humans only know of one new enemy, an alien race that makes the UED’s massive budget weaponry look like a five year old’s toy, the Protoss. The war of the UED, Confederation, and Protoss is already on way, not much has happened, there’s been no major skirmish. The days of little peace between the three is about to be interrupted and a new alien race, one deadlier than even the protoss, will pit man-kind together against a foul race.

Chapter 1: Honor

Location- UED Space Carrier High Light, Main Hall Room,
Time- 13:23 Military,

The new marines of the Charlie Enlist, 12th Company, 3rd platoon are being risen to the high rank of Honoy’s, better for Honor Marine. They took out an entire Protoss armada with limited supplies and cut off from reinforcements. The Honorment of the marines takes place, on the fleets Flag Ship, High Light. "We here, onboard the ship High Light are here to honor these brave men and women for their great fight against the enemy menace. These marines will be intrusted with the most highest of missions, and the safe-guard of our ship and crew." The admiral backed out and started to clap as the marines received their metals. After the ceremony, the marines took deserved break in the ship’s bar. The lieutenant of the squad, Charles Benson, had the first round on him. The marines relaxed for what was a well deserved thanks, all had done well and the fleet was safe. The marines went to their quarters for some sleep when the emergency alarm went off, enemy vessels were inbound. "All marines prepare for Con boarders, repeat, Con boarders are inbound." Announced over the intercom, Benson rounded up the troops for their new armor and weapons. "Marines! Lock and load, do or die, don’t hesitate, shoot on sight, ‘olly, olly, oxen free’ is used if friendly, MOVE OUT!" Benson and his squad took the ship bay, the most common landing spot. He saw the ships inbound and knew each carried marines in similar armor, weapons, and faces.
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Bored, so i wrote Starcraft: Tales of Honor
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