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 grunt arbiter

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PostSubject: Re: grunt arbiter   Wed Nov 28, 2007 9:50 pm

*Arbiter* Well you know why there is no Arbiter Grunt
*1st Grunt* No i don't know...why would I?
*Arbiter* Because the Prophets haven't thought of it! That's why
*2nd Grunt* But...Arbiter...Can I have the Demon Helmet?
*Arbiter* Why would you want it?
*2nd Grunt* Because i don't think my helmet isn't cool anymore
*Arbiter* But your not wearing a helmet...or your spine...uh oh..
*2nd Grunt* Spine what spine?*Methane seaping out of his back*
*Arbiter* Grunt you must realize without methane you will die...
*2nd Grunt* Die!?...I don't want to Die!!*Ignites 2 Plasma Grenades* Wait...this will kill me won't it Arbiter??
*Arbiter* Yeah it why don't i just give you the helmet so you don't kill me...
*1st Grunt**Sneaks away with "Demons" stuff*2nd Grunt*Turns off Grenades*Arbiter* Uh...were did the armor go?
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grunt arbiter
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