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PostSubject: Terraferma   Tue Nov 20, 2007 10:31 pm

Here is the script that I posted on here before with some additions. I also changed the style of the script. I will release more of the script later, until I finnaly post the whole script.


(While opening credits play) Narrator: Earth, an infinitely small dot in an infinitely large universe. The only thing that sets Earth apart from most other planets is life. But events have gone to change that. After years of debating its existence, global warming finally got the better of us. Almost every major nation was frozen under ice. We were cut off from the most important recourse of them all, oil. The world’s super-powers went to war with each other for it. To help in this war, massive beasts of the sky were created. The Titan War began.

*Cuts to titles.

*Cuts to city

Narrator: The Titan War went on for over a decade before all the oil eventually ran out. With nothing to fight over, the nations agreed to peace. The titans and their blueprints were destroyed. A terrorist organization that wanted all humanity off the Earth then set off a bomb at the meeting meant to bring this peace to the world. The bomb released a disease that had no cure. Its fatality rate was 100%. The only way for people to survive was either to go to sealed cities or to go into special suits. War soon started again, only this time, it was over these safe cities. They say that when you threaten a man’s life, you see his true side. They were right.

*Cuts to space. Camera rotates to show a UNSC (“UNSC” and “Covenant” will be placed throughout this script for visual reference) Frigate that has two rows of blue stripes painted on each of its sides (I’ll call these Blue UNSC *blank* ships). A white light tears through the Frigate, destroying it. The camera pans to show a UNSC Frigate with two rows of red stripes (I’ll call these Red UNSC *blank* ships). The camera zooms out to show a space battle with a few dozen ships, the majority of them with blue on them. The camera pans slightly to the left. It zooms in to show a Blue Halcyon-class UNSC Cruiser. The camera then zooms till it is inside the Cruiser. Inside on the bridge there are multiple ensigns at computer stations and an Admiral in the middle of the bridge.

Ensign A: We’ll be in firing range in 90 seconds, sir.

Admiral: Charge the MAC Cannon. Arm Archer pods C through F.

Ensign B: Sir, yes sir.

Admiral: Give me SHIPWIDE.
(On SHIPWIDE) All unnecessary personal report to your designated Escape Pods, launch on my order.

Ensign A: 60 seconds till firing range, sir.

Admiral: Turn on vector 86 bearing 15. Launch Longsword Fighters.

Ensigns C and D: Sir, yes sir.

Ensign A: 35 seconds, sir.

Admiral: Ground status.

Ensign E: The enemy has barricaded itself in an ancient Japanese temple. None of the squads have been successful at entering the structure.

Ensign A: 15 seconds, sir.

Admiral: Are all crew in designated areas.

Ensign D: Sir, yes sir.

Ensign B: MAC Cannon is fully charged and loaded. Archer Pods are armed. Ready to fire.

Ensign A: We are in firing range, sir!

Admiral: Fire at the nearest enemy Cruiser.

Ensign A: Sir, there are no enemy Cruisers currently in this battle. The enemy fleet consists of 3 Battleships and 15… make that 14 Frigates.

Admiral: That makes no sense. You would think they would have a couple cruisers to maintain air superiority.

Ensign B: Permission to speculate, sir?

Admiral: Permission Granted.

Ensign B: They may think that because the area has significant historical value, we will not attack it. If that is true, us having air support will not have much affect on the outcome of this battle. For that reason they only have a very small part of their fleet deployed to defend the airspace above the battle, sir.

Admiral: Good speculation ensign. After we are done here, I’m going to give you a promotion. As for the enemy’s speculation, they are horribly wrong. Order Longsword Squadrons A and D to begin bombing run on the enemy barricade.

Ensign D: Sir… (Weakly) yes sir.

* Camera locks onto the admiral’s face. It then fades to the face of a Longsword pilot. The camera then zooms out to show the Longsword release a bomb. The scene cuts to show the bomb impacting a Japanese temple tower, detonating halfway up the tower, causing the tower to collapse.
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