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 Halo: The Aftermath

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PostSubject: Halo: The Aftermath   Tue Jun 12, 2007 9:06 am


It is 50 years after End of the Human-Covenant War and
the battle of Earth. The Ark was activated and many Covenant, elites
and brutes alike, were killed, not to mention many other humans. Many
civilians retreated to some of the few shield worlds along with many
others of the allied Covenant forces. The Arbiter, and the few other
higher council and superior class elites and officers took refuge in
the Ark where they were shielded from its blast.
After three months, a small amount of Refugees came out of hiding to find Earth barren and lifeless.
Unfortunately in the war most of Earth was destroyed.
Only a small portion of the land was Humane; all else was toxic and lethal.
The humans decided to move their home world to a planet called Victorious Exultation named after the
This planet was one of the few shield-worlds the humans stayed on. The
humans stayed on this world and moved out to different worlds lead by
Major Avery Johnson, Vice Admiral Miranda Keyes and Admiral Lewis
Paterson. After the war the remaining prophets, brutes, drones, and
jackals were exiled to different containment centers on different
planets. These covenant warriors were forever called The Exiled. The
Day belonged to the Elites. Now accompanied by the Grunts and Hunters.

Section I: The Uprising

Chapter I: The Prophet of Righteousness

The two drop ships zipped through the atmosphere of Containment Center 0013 dodging flying chunks of conspicuous flying objects.

The drop ships landed serenely on the crudely made drop pad near the Containments centers main detention facility.

“I have some more prisoners for you,” the elite muttered, “eight brutes, 4 jackals, and one so called Prophet of Righteousness”

“ Huh Righteousness ay, splendid!” the elite prison guard said sarcastically.

The prison guard roughly drew the chained brutes from the drop ships.

“ I will not stand it,” the Prophet of Righteousness said, “This…this…is heresy,”

“Shut up prophet you are the ones that have led us to a doomed existence,” The prison guard replied.

guard led them through the automatic sliding doors. The guard instantly
growled. The overwhelming scent of brute and these jackals was just too

He pressed a series of numbers into a keypad next to a
blue florescent shield like door. The door instantly vanished and he
shoved the prisoners inside. He pushed a button and the door instantly
came back to life.

The guard instantly retreated to his post by the corner of the examination room.

good thing about this part was that it was quite dark in the corners so
it was possible that he could close his eyes and sleep and no one would
notice. He tried to keep watch but he couldn’t. His eyelids started to
slowly sink. He became sleepier and sleepier. It seemed that he had
only slept for at least 5 minutes when all of a sudden there was a growl

“Carree what do you think your doing.”
“Don’t you think I haven’t seen you napping all the time” the other elite guard said.
“This apathy has gone far enough, prepare yourself,” he said angrily. He whipped out his stun baton putting it on neutral.

“I will gladly fight you Rohammee” Carree replied whipping out his baton and doing the same thing.

slowly circled around each other. The tension grew and grew upon itself
until all of a sudden Rohammee lunged at Carree. Carree skillfully
sidestepped him and brought his baton hard down on
Rohammee’s left calf.

Rohammee fell to the ground howling in pain. Carree went over to him
thinking it was over, but Rohammee surprisingly got up and used an
uppercut with his baton. It landed squarely right under Carree’s
mandibles. Dazed Carree teetered back and hit the wall.

Rohammee rounded on him and quickly dealt a vicious back slap to his face.

Carree couldn’t think straight his head was swimming.
raised his baton and at that instant Carree’s vision refocused. He
quickly thrust up towards Rohammee’s chest. Knocking the air out of him
and making him tumble backwards.

He dealt three more quick blows; two to the chest and one to his right shoulder.
As Rohammee fell to the ground Carree turned his baton to stun and brought it down upon Rohammee’s head.
There was a solid thunk and Rohammee collapsed unmoving to the ground.

Exhausted Carree went back to his post and asked a watching grunt to take Rohammee to the medical bay
* * *

has been along time my brothers,” Righteousness said, “We should rise
up and free our other brethren in their camps,” he said again.

“It’s no use we cannot fight the elites they have all the weapons” a brute replied.

“You do not need weapons, you are brutes”
said, “You are much stronger than any elite.” “You must not succumb to
this, remember you were the once brave and noble brutes!”

“Hmm not anymore” a brute replied.

“Stop it, I say stop your complaining and remember what you are, brutes!” Righteousness said viscously

“But there is n-"

"Yes there is a way,” Righteousness said interrupting the brute, "Remember your battles, remember everything
how you slaughtered the humans and the elites, remember! Remember this
and your heart will become strong and we not the elites will purge the
path into the Great Beyond,”

“You’re right, yes we are the mighty brutes,” a brute yelled. We did slaughter the humans and the elites.

I Caucascus swear to thee, o' Prophet of
Righteousness, that I will support you in the campaign against the humans and elites.”

“ Yes we will too” murmured some other brutes.

More brutes started yelling stronger and stronger, “We will aid in the rebellion!”

Righteousness and the brutes say in unison “ Because we are The Exiled!!!!!”

Sorry, i accidentally deleted the old topic, so i had to repost it Razz

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PostSubject: Re: Halo: The Aftermath   Tue Jun 12, 2007 10:24 pm

Chapter II: Caucasus’s Plan

“ Come brothers, come and circle around me!” Caucascus said.

The brutes and jackals slowly got to their feet and lumbered over to where Caucascus and Righteousness was standing.

“ Listen my brethren I have a plan for getting out of this…dump” he said looking around the room, “The plan must take place when it is time to eat or it won’t work. The guards will come in and give us our food.”

“We will eat quietly till Righteousness says ‘ we will burn a path into the Great Beyond'. That is when we must spring!”
“We will bash in the guards’ skulls and run for the transport located at the Northeast corner,” he said slamming his fist on the table, which was quite hard to do since he was wearing shackles.

There was a loud cheer of approval from the jackals and brutes.

“ Lunch time!” said one of the guards growling.

All of the brutes and jackals seem to tense up. The little robotic dolly went back and forth bringing the trays to every brute and jackal in the room.

After the dollies had served all the food they left and the guards came in to keep watch; four minor elites (blue) and one major elite (red).

All of a sudden Righteousness shouted, “We will burn a path into the Great Beyond!”

Six brutes instantly jumped at the nearest guard bringing their 8-pound fists crashing down on the guard’s skull. The guard instantly crumpled to the ground.

There was bewilderment in the eyes of the guards for just the briefest of seconds before they refocused taking out their stun batons. Putting the batons to stun the elites lunged at the oncoming brutes and jackals.

Major Karamee whipped out his plasma pistol and fired accurate shots at the oncoming brute. The first three shots sizzled away some of the flesh on his chest, but the last bolt made a direct hit to his unprotected face. The brute roared and fell to the ground twitching once than dieing.

There were just to many of them Karamee thought. I need to call for reinforcements he thought. Backing away to a corner he sent a transmission over the concom (containment communications).

A couple seconds later a group of elites received the transmission and reported that they were on their way.

One by one the elites went down till there were only three left; two minors and Karamee.

‘Damn it’ thought Karamee ‘ why weren’t they here?’ As if on cue eight elites, six minors and two majors, came through the door guns blazing.

Along with the reinforcements the elites were able to stop the uproar and locked each brute and jackal in a cell.

The tattered and defeated brutes just obeyed and sat in their cells. Their fighting spirit had been extinguished once again.

“ Ha-ha look at those brutes!” a guard said,

“They seem to be getting worse and worse.”
The other guard laughed and walked off down the catwalk. The guard then came upon and interesting scene.

There were three minor grunts (yellow) playing one of the Covenant’s oldest games for the grunts “Suicide”.

The whole point of the game was for grunts to basically see how long they would last with out their breathers.

Also to make it harder they would have the grunts perform certain tasks with the breathers off and see if they finish it. It was fun if you won because you didn’t die.

Another version of this game was only for elites where they would go in this room and the oxygen would be sucked out just like in space. The elite would basically have to do the same thing the grunts would do, but of course harder.
Of course this game wasn’t played very much with the elites because they weren’t expendable.

The guard was walking up just as one of the grunts was saying, “ Now it’s your turn!”
The guard went and sat at the makeshift chair to watch the “festivities”.

The grunt being challenged had to carry six plasma pistols about ten meters away while only being able to carry two at a time.
The grunt was nervous, but he had no choice. He volunteered to play the game.
He picked up two pistols and one of the grunts quickly unlatched his breather

He was off!

Waddling as fast as he could the grunt carried the two pistols in about a total of twenty seconds.
That means at this rate it would take him a whole minute. Could he make it?

The grunt quickly picked up the next couple of pistols and waddled back. By the time he came back his skin was starting to turn a sickly purplish color. He carried the last pistols over there and ran as fast as he could back. He reached back just in time and quickly slapped his breather on his face.

He breathed long and hard for at least a good minute.
Trying to get all the methane he lost during the contest back in his body.

For a prize one of the grunts cave him a little piece of metal that was carved in the shape of one of their breathers.
The grunt proudly accepted it and the game was over.

* * *

It was a good evening for a ride thought one of the elite guards.

He walked over to one of his pals and said “ Hey you want to take ride in the banshees.”

“ Sure” replied his friend.

They walked to one of the docking areas and straddled themselves inside the banshee. Once ready they flew off into the remnants of what was left of the world that contained Containment Installation 0013.

* * *

Every lunch a group of brutes or jackals were allowed to take the elevator in their eating room to the top where they could walk around in the fresh air.

The elites had no worry about them escaping from there because the drop was a good 50-80 meters. Also the elevator only went up to the top floor or down to the eating room.
This time it was Caucasus’s turn along with about three other brutes.

They took the elevator and went to the top floor.
Once up there they wandered around and basically looked out at the scenery.

After about fifteen minutes the brutes became bored and they went back down stairs. Caucasus was the only one left up there.

He walked a little more and decided to lean against one of the poles facing the opposite of the original entry direction.

* * *

“ Lets stop there” one of the guards said over one of the private concom channels.

“ I agree,” replied the other elite.
The two elites touched down surprisingly on the roof Caucasus was on.

Really actually the only reason they landed there was because they hadn’t seen him since he was facing the other way and was behind a pole.

After they touched down they turned around with their backs facing Caucascus’s direction. He instantly came up with a plan.

“ Why don’t I go and knock them out, go tell everyone, and take the banshees” he said to himself, “Maybe just
Maybe I’ll be able to pull this off.”

He snuck quietly up behind one of the elites and using his shackled fists he bashed in the elites skull.

The other elite was surprised and tried to raise his baton, but before he got a chance Caucascus was already upon him. Caucascus kept raising his fist and bringing them down until he was certain he had killed him.

Satisfied that he was dead he grabbed one of the guards fallen plasma pistols and using his feet he fired a shot at the shackles on his wrist.

They easily melted and fell apart.
He grabbed the other two stun batons and raced to the elevator.

Once he got to the floor he told everybody the good news. The only bad news was that he could only take one brute right now, but he would come back for the others later.

One of the brutes volunteered and they raced back up to the elevator.

Once at the top Caucascus gave the brute one of the batons and they mounted the banshees.

They flipped the power on and the banshee came to life.

They checked the fuel and the other gauges and took off into the sunlit sky.

Now was the time to fight, now was the time to rebel!
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PostSubject: Re: Halo: The Aftermath   Tue Jun 12, 2007 10:26 pm

Chapter III: Rebellions

The two banshees flew through the cool air heading to Containment Installation 0013 Sub-deck 0023.

“ There!” indicated the brute over the private concom channel.

The other banshee decelerated in reply and made a move to land on one of the launch pads

“ This is our plan my brother” Caucascus said.“ This sub-deck holds a Phantom Drop ship” he said

“ We’ll get off and search this sub-deck for the Phantom, and once we get it we will strap on one of the banshees to it, and you will pilot it back to the main detention facility (where Righteousness is and the other brutes are)” Caucascus continued.

The other brute grunted in agreement and they touched down on the drop pads.

They quietly climbed of the banshee and turned their batons to stun.

They walked through the automatic doors, which sprang to life with a whoosh!

They quickly flattened themselves against the wall, which is really hard considering they are huge hairy brutes.

Standing eight meters away was a guard walking; thank the prophets, away from them.

Caucascus quickly ran up behind him and brought his baton down on the guard’s head. There was a crack as the helmet broke and the elite fell to the ground.

Picking up the guards baton he smashed in a small hole in the wall where he stowed the baton. He would not forget to bring the weapons he collected back to everyone else.

They hurriedly ran down the corridor to another automatic door. Before they reached the door an elite stepped out. The elite took one look at the brutes and whipped out his baton.

The elite was to late Caucascus took out his plasma pistol and fired ten quick and accurate shots to the elite’s chest, neck, and face. The elite went down with out a fight.

Stowing the baton on the belt he picked up from the elite he continued on.

They went through the doors and as they rounded the corner they found what they were looking for.

There in a little hangar stood a Phantom. The only problem was that it was guarded by score of grunts (12).

The other brute took out his baton and Caucascus took out the pistol.

Taking careful aim he fired the pistol at the group of grunts.
Two grunts fell, sizzling holes littering their body. The other grunts quickly turned around and saw the brutes. They raised their pistols but the other brute was already upon them.

He caved in a grunt’s head with his left fist and crushed another grunts chest with his baton.

Shots were fired, but most of the shots missed making holes in the metal behind him.

Three more grunts fell, half of their faces grossly distorted due to the accurate shots from Caucascus.

Plasma bolts sizzled past the other brute melting a small pillar-like piece of metal. Another shot was fired but this time it did not miss. It made home on the brute’s left bicep, burning the hair and searing the muscle.

The brute growled in agony and whirled around. He lunged the nearest grunt killing it with his immense size and weight.

A charged plasma bolt impacted on one of the grunt’s chest burning away the armor and searing a hole six inches in diameter and two inches in depth. The grunt cried in pain and hit the ground.

As Caucascus hid behind a pillar he saw a grunt fly past him and hit the wall with a solid thud!

He blindly fired three more shots at the nearest grunt and was rewarded with a painful squeal.

The other brute lumbered towards the last grunt.

“ No.. No… don’t hurt me” it squeaked.

The brute laughed and flattened the grunts head with his baton. Laughing to themselves they picked up the pistols and hopped inside the Phantom.

The hangar doors opened and they flew off to wear they had landed the banshees.

They landed the drop ship and Caucascus tied one of the banshees to the drop ship.

He went back inside collected the baton he left in the whole and went back outside. He placed the baton with the other weapons in the drop ship.

Mounting his banshee the drop ship and him flew back off to the main detention facility.

As they neared the detention facility the Phantom’s three plasma turrets came to life.

“ I will wait here Caucascus while you get as many people as you can up here.” The brute said.

“ I agree” Caucascus replied as he lowered the banshee onto the roof.

He quickly disembarked retrieved the plasma pistol he had put in the banshee and headed to the elevator. He entered the elevator and pressed the down button. There was a soft hum as the elevator descended. Once he reached the bottom he concealed the pistol and walked towards Righteousness.

“ Ah our savior has returned,” Righteousness said,” how has it been?”

“ Fine, High Prophet of Righteousness” Caucascus replied. “ High Prophet we must get you and as many brutes as we can to get in the Phantom on the roof” he continued

“ You stole a Phantom,” Righteousness said,” how brave!” “ Come my people, come close to me” Righteousness said. “ “Caucascus here has stolen a drop ship and wants to take some of us away from this wretched place.” He continued. “ Caucascus will you do the honors.” Righteousness said.

Caucascus randomly chose twenty brutes and he took them up the elevator five at a time. Once he had transported everybody he took Righteousness up.

Just as elevator door closed the eating room door opened and three guards came running through the door baton in hand.

The elevator soared upwards to the roof. Once they reached the roof Caucascus and Righteousness ran to the drop ship. Strapping Righteousness safely in the Phantom he got out and went to the banshee.

Just as he reached the banshee he heard the faint hum of the elevator. Strapping in he turned the banshee to face the elevator. Just as the doors opened Caucascus opened fire with the twin plasma cannons. The bolts hit the elites, burning them to a charred crisp.

The Phantom accompanied by the lone banshee maneuvered through the different constructs jutting out of the ground.

After a while the Phantom and banshee landed a good twenty miles away from Containment Center 0013 on a small badly made landing pad.

They quickly unloaded and moved the gear in a small underground bunker.

Once situated Caucascus said, “ I believe they have your chair high prophet in the detention facility’s sub-level 07b.””I will assemble five brutes and we will infiltrate the base, retrieve the chair, and get the hell out of there.”

There was a mutter of approval and Caucascus picked five other brutes. Once chosen the brutes picked from a small collection of weapons found and collected here. Caucascus himself picked up a plasma rifle, a plasma pistol, and three plasma grenades. Satisfied they got into the Phantom.

Containment Installation 0013 loomed overhead, as the Phantom got nearer.

“ Sir my radar shows two banshees patrolling the detention facility,” the pilot said, “ what do I do?”

“ Is there anyway we can dodge them” Caucascus replied.

“ No sir” replied the pilot.

“ Hmm… well then see if u can talk your way through, if not open fire with the your plasma turrets” Caucascus said.

“ Roger that sir” the pilot replied.

The banshees finally noticed the oncoming Phantom and sent a message. ‘ Please state your serial number and reason for coming here.’

The pilot replied back, “ Serial number 113489, reason for coming: to drop off prisoners.”

A message came back almost instantly ‘ This serial number confirms the Phantom stolen by the brute rebels, please allow us to take you to a security post to check the Phantom.’

“ Roger that!” the pilot replied.

As the banshees neared the drop ship the drop ship’s turrets opened fire burning away the metal of one of the banshees and killing the pilot in the process. The other banshee tried to veer away but the turrets blew off one of its wings and it spun out of control.

The drop ship made a quick scan to see if everything was clear. Nothing showed on the radar so it proceeded to dock on one of the platforms. They disembarked and leaving one of the brutes there to guard the Phantom they moved to the door.

They walked up to the door and it silently opened. Taking out their weapons they continued to precede down the hall.

As they neared the next door it opened and three elite guards came through the doorway batons in hand. They didn’t stand a chance as the brutes opened fire with a mixture of plasma pistols and plasma rifles. The plasma bolts tore through the elites’ shields and burned bone and flesh.

They kept on going forward and went through the door.

They continued down the corridor without any problems. As they went through the next door they saw four grunts standing in a circle talking. The brutes quickly killed the grunts without a hassle.

They went to the next door and came upon a transparent door leading to a small armory room. The armory was guarded by three elites and six grunts, and there in the corner stood Righteousness’ chair.

Getting their guns ready the brutes went through the door guns blazing. The first three shots hit one of the grunts in the face killing it instantly. The elites instantly brought to bear the plasma pistols they had concealed. The elites fired and one of the brutes fell due to the seven smoking holes in his chest. Caucascus fired his rifle and the plasma bolts impacted on one of the elites shields. It flashed for a moment then went dead; the remaining bolts hit the elite square in the chest crushing his bones and searing his internal organs. The grunts still disoriented fell quickly under the plasma bolts. The two elites ducked behind the racks of weapons and occasionally fired shots over their head at the brutes. Some of the shots hit but they didn’t do much damage. Dodging ad plasma bolt Caucascus primed a grenade and threw it by one of the elites. There was a growl and a flash as the grenade exploded killing the elite and destroying the shield around the other. One of the brutes charged the position and just as the elite turned around to fire the brute brought his pistol down upon his skull. The elite crumpled to the floor.

One of the brutes picked up the chair and the other brutes collected as much weaponry as they could carry.

They went through the transparent door and tried to go through the door they had first come through, but when it opened they found eight major elites and a whole score of grunts waiting. They quickly backed away, they had to find another route.

Caucascus keyed the brute at the Phantom on the concom “ You’re gonna have to get in the Phantom and get out of here.” “ We won’t be able to follow you because the path is blocked, I believe there is another Phantom here, we’ll try to find it.”

“ Roger that sir” replied the brute on the other line.

“ This way follow me,” Caucascus said walking off in the other direction. The other brutes followed and they proceeded down the hall in the other direction.

They didn’t have to go far before they reached the hangar that held the other Phantom.

There were three grunts lounging by the drop ship talking to each other.

The brutes went through the door and hozed down the grunts with their plasma rifles.

Once done they opened the hangar, got in the drop ship and turned it on. It instantly came to life and they flew out the hangar.

“ Are you there Phantom 1” Caucascus said.

“ I’m here Phantom 2, is that you Caucascus?” the brute asked.

“ Yes it’s me, lets meet back at the base.

The brute on the other line grunted in agreement.
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PostSubject: Re: Halo: The Aftermath   Tue Jun 12, 2007 10:27 pm

The Phantom quickly left the Containment Installation and headed home.

They arrived at the base and landed carefully on the rough floor. They got off and carried the new weapons and chair with them. They put the weapons in their make shift armory and handed the chair for Righteousness to sit in. He thanked him and got on testing the chair.

“ Good as new, good job Caucascus!” Righteousness said. “ What are your plans now.” He contined.

“ My next plan is the infiltrate one of the Starships orbiting the planet, after that we could control this Containment Center and free the rest!” he exclaimed.
“ I see it is a good plan, we should make preparations immediately.” Righteousness said.

“ I agree your highness” Caucascus said.

They instantly went to work and bit of armor plating to the drop ships to make them stronger and easily withstand the planets atmosphere (this took a couple of days). They also loaded all the weapons they could carry and put the on the transports. Once they were ready they boarded on the crafts.

Righteousness went to join them but Caucascus would not let him go saying it was too dangerous and they needed to secure the ship.

Since getting to work a few brutes arrived some how emboldened by Caucascus’s efforts and took residence with the rebels.

The fight force was now a bolstering thirty brutes including Caucascus. There were five more, but Caucascus had them stay and guard the high prophet.

The Phantoms hummed to life and then took of into the cool night sky. The drop ships accelerated and then they hit the atmosphere. The Phantoms shuddered but other than that everything was fine. The drop ships shook again as they left the atmosphere and entered space. Not far from where they had exited stood the only starship Punishing Confinement. As the drop ships sped towards the ship, the communications officer on board the starship hailed them. ‘ Please identify yourself.’

Not trying to give themselves away they stated the serial numbers of two other Phantoms that had not been stolen from the Containment Installation.

‘ You are cleared to come in, please dock on hangar bay 0012 C-deck.’

‘ Roger that thank you!’ said one of our pilots.

The shield covering the entrance disappeared and the two Phantoms entered the bay one right after each other. The shield/wall reappeared and several engineers came to fix some of the damage done to the Phantom.

Caucascus examined the room using the external cameras. The bay room consisted basically of engineers and about a score of grunts. Easy thought the brutes. They turned on the drop ships’ turrets, aimed and fired at the group of grunts. They didn’t even have a chance. The plasma bolts tore through the grunts splattering blood and bone all over the floor.

The engineers stopped for a moment then recovered and went back to work.

The brutes disembarked each of them carrying plasma rifles.

They went through one of the doors and continued down that hallway unharmed. They were about to round the corner and two minor elites rounded it first. The brutes reacted first and opened fire with their rifles. The shots hit the elites dead on and they fell to the ground purple blood splattered all over the place.

The brutes continued unscathed and went through the next door. Ahead of them was another hallway, but it was guarded by six elites and six grunts. One of the brutes primed a grenade and lobbed it into the group. It landed dead center. This surprised the group and they tried to jump out of the way. There was a loud bang and thud and six dead grunt bodies flew threw the air smacking into the walls. Not only did all the grunts die but two of the six elites were also killed; another three elites had their shields depleted. The brutes quickly mowed down those elites and moved to the next ones. The three other elites fired their plasma rifles at the oncoming brutes killing two of them. Caucascus charged one of them and hit the elite dead center. The elite doubled over in pain and his shield flickered than went out. Caucascus then brought his rifle down on the elite’s neck breaking it. The two other elites were to busy to notice and Caucascus was able to sneak up behind one and hit him in the back killing him. The other elite turned around to look but received a shot to the head killing him instantly.

Satisfied that they were all dead the brutes moved on.

They went through two more hallways and came upon the door leading into the control room.

They opened the door and went in firing. Four nearby grunts instantly fell their whole body charred.

Three nearby elites angrily growled and drew their energy swords. Before one of them could attack he received fifteen shots to the chest totally cutting him in half. The other two came forward and slashed at a nearby brute. The gashes made an eight-inch cut into their skin and the brute fell to the ground dead. Caucascus threw a grenade in a group of angry major elites. The grenade stuck to one of their heads, then exploding killing all three of them. The commander a golden elite (zealot) raised his energy sword and charged Caucascus. Caucascus, picking up a fallen elites sword, charged at him as well. They met in a clash of plasma on plasma. The commander side-stepped and brought his sword in an uppercut fashion. Caucascus dodged it and brought his sword down like an ark. The commander miraculously dodged it, but some of it did scrape his arm. The commander wildly slashed at Caucascus, missed, stumbled forward, and fell onto Caucascus’s waiting sword. It was over.
Withdrawing his sword from the commander’s chest he looked around to find four brutes dead. All of the covenant in the control room had been killed. Caucascus sent quick search and destroy teams to kill the remaining covenant on the ship. They came a total loss of five more brutes, but the ship was now clear.

Caucascus sent a message and a picture to the head of the detention facility below showing the picture of the dead elite commander. Caucascus demanded that they release all brutes and jackals and that they themselves lock each other inside.

The elites obeyed and everybody was freed.

The members of The Exiled sighed and slumped to the ground.

They had nothing to worry for the day was won and The Exiled had grown in force and confidence.
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PostSubject: Re: Halo: The Aftermath   Tue Aug 14, 2007 9:46 pm

Chapter IV: Retaliations

“ Sir,” said a grunt marching up to a golden clad elite, “ The council wishes to see you.”

“ Hmm I see, I’ll be there” muttered the elite

He walked towards one of the glowing doors marked, in the elite language, ‘Council’
. As he neared the door he saw the two honor guards posted in front.

“ Are you Noku Rotakamee?” asked one of the honor guards.

“ Yes I am.” replied Rotakamee.

The honor guard nodded and let Rotakamee pass through the door.

Upon entering the Council abruptly stopped their discussion and looked at Rotakamee.

Rotakamee walked up to a nearby podium and asked “ Council why have you summoned me?”

“ We have need of you in a very important mission.” the Supreme Chancellor replied.

“ What will you have me do Supreme Chancellor?” Rotakamee asked.

“ The Council has decided that you take a platoon of starships to The Exiled’s home world and destroy their leader!” the Supreme Chancellor exclaimed.

“ As you wish your Excellency” Rotakamee replied.

He was dismissed and he walked out the door heading to his personal Phantom on Deck D Bay 09. He got on and was driven out of the Super Carrier and to the mass of Covenant ships waiting for him on the far side of the planet Uthreaus Consultation.

His Phantom docked in the bay of one of the nearby Capitol Ships, his own ship the Glorious Flight.

He walked through the metallic doors of the control center and walked up to the raised platform where the ship’s main computer facilities were held.

“ Quiet!” thundered Rokatamee into the room and also over the COM linked to his other fifty ships of various classes.

There was a hushed silence all over the COM.

“ The Council has ordered me to take this platoon of ships to The Exiled home world.” “ There we are to take it over and kill their two leaders, the prophet and the brute!” he exclaimed

There was a cheer of approval over the COM.

Waiting till the noise quieted he announced “ All shipmasters make the coordinates for Sector Alpha Charlie, y-center zero five zero, x-center zero nine two, these are the coordinates for Containment Installation 0013.” “ At my count we will initiate the jump, this jump will last a good day from here so get prepared!” he said.

“ On my mark… three……… two… one… launch!” Rotakamee announced.

Tiny whirls of blueish light appeared all over the platoon of ships then all of a sudden they all vanished in a flash.

“ Please bring Puta Toromee to the control center” Rotakamee said to a crimson colored elite.

The elite bowed and left to call the elite called Toromee.

* * *

“ I am quite bored doing nothing,” Toromee said as if talking to the air.

All of a sudden there was the noise of the door opening and Toromee turned around his plasma pistol at hand.

The shocked major elite said “ Spec-op Commander sir the Supreme Commander would like to see you in the control room right away.”

“ I’ll be right there” replied Toromee

Donning on his helmet, leg armor, plasma rifle, and plasma sword he followed the major elite out the door and to the control room.

There was an electric swooshing sound as Toromee and the other elite entered the control center.

“ Ah Toromee it has been along time my commander.” Rotakamee said.

“ Yes it has, Supreme Commander,” replied Toromee.

“ Listen Toromee I’m putting you in charge of the ground invasion.” Rotakamee said.

“ Me… why me, its such an honor!” Toromee said bewilderedly.

“ Yes I have looked over some of the other elites but I have chosen you.” Rotakamee said. “ You’re to collect all the troops and make preparations to land on the planet.” “ Once there I want you to seek out the leader or leaders and kill them!” “ I will take care of the platoon up here.” “ I suspect they will try to amass their own fleet to attack me with.”

“ It would be and honor” Toromee replied.

“ Good then make the preparations, we have sixteen hours till we exit slip space.” Rotakamee said.

“ Yes sir!” Toromee said enthusiastically

* * *

There was a steady hum of a mechanical drone zipping through the air as it headed towards The Exiled’s main HAC ship (Heavy Artillery Capitol ship).

As it neared the ship one of the ship’s bays designed for the drone opened up and the little bee-like robot entered.

It soared through the different conduits eventually coming upon the one leading to the control center. It exited the conduit in the control room and went straight for the main console station in the middle of the room.

It plugged itself into one of the drone interface ports and started sending messages and pictures scrolling across the screen.

Righteousness and Caucascus turned to the screen looking at it intently.

‘ Three Light years away from the Orgious Pillar system exactly 17 hours from Containment Installation 0013.’ A couple of pictures of an enormous group of covenant starships appeared after that. It than said ‘ An expected platoon of covenant starships lead by supreme commander Noku rotakamee en route to this facility.’

The message ended.

“ Damn!” muttered Caucascus.

“ Don’t worry about it Caucascus, we have survived many space battles and we can survive this one as well.” Righteousness said calmly. “ The only thing we have to do is muster the squadron of starships we have posted here and call upon the battalion of starships that are spread in the different systems around here.” Righteous added.

“ I see I’ll send out a message to all the ships we have to get here ASAP!” Caucascus exclaimed.

He went to one of the controls and went to work submitting the message. After a good ten minutes he walked away from the console and said “ I have sent the message and have received some replies of at least three patrols of starships being here in a matter of at least an hour and a half.”

“ Good Caucascus, I want you to lead the battle going on the ground.” Righteousness said.

“ Yes, your Excellency, I’ll make preparations right away” Caucascus replied.
He nodded to Righteousness and walked out of the control room heading to one of the bays where the Phantoms were located.

He picked up a brute shot, a full rack of ammo for it, a plasma rifle, and four plasma grenades.

Once he collected his weapons he boarded one of the Phantoms and it transported him down to the planet below.

He reached the main base to find already a good eight hundred brutes and about three hundred jackals waiting for him. He needed order.

He started to assign temporary positions to different brutes and had them take a platoon of brutes and a score of jackals each.

The end of the proceedings left him with one hundred brutes and forty jackals at his disposal to protect the main base area.

He quickly set up five four-manned jackal fire teams in small bunkers made by digging the dirt out and hiding in them. That left him with a score of jackals behind the fire teams. He then dispersed a platoon of brutes on ghosts to help build up a rapid-fire response team.

He then took half of a score of the fifty brutes he had left and put them in the heavy armor division consisting of the huge metallic wraiths. He then dispersed another half of a score of brutes to bring in air support with the banshees. All in all he was left with thirty brutes and twenty jackals to just stand around and charge if need be.
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* * *

“ Sir we are nearing the destination!” an elite in blue armor said to Rotakamee.

“ Good send the signal to all the ships in the platoon, once we reach there we will drop all military personel to the surface of the planet and the rest of us will engage the enemy” Rotakamee replied.

“ Roger that sir!” the elite replied sending the messages to the other starships.

* * *

“ Ship report!” Righteousness demanded.

“ Sir right now we have a score and a half of starships, two carriers, and one refit and repair ship.” one of the elite officers replied.

Righteousness sent a transmission to Caucascus reading “ What is the soldier report down there.”

“ Caucascus instantly replied “ Our forces have been bolstered by some six hundred more brutes and another eight hundred more jackals, the troops have been distributed accordingly.”

“ Sir we’re picking up slip space readings!” an elite warned

“ Roger that, all ships prepare for battle!” Righteousness exclaimed

* * *

There was a flash of light and Rotakamee’s platoon of starships exited slip space and started its decent to the planet below.

Phantoms poured out of the ships followed by banshees and other various materials.

Toromee was on one of the Phantoms along with the other fifteen spec-ops elites and fifteen spec-ops and gunner grunts he had chosen.

They descended through the atmosphere and after a brief shudder landed a good twenty-six kilometers from The Exiled’s main base.

* * *

On board The Glorious Flight Rotakamee prepared his ship for battle warming up the eight plasma cannons on his ship.

“ Fire at the nearest enemy starship!” Rotakamee declared.

Three beams of reddish plasma flew from the ships cannons and came in contact with one of the enemy’s ships. The first plasma bolt struck the shield almost destroying it entirely; the second bolt destroyed the shield and made a gapping hole in the ship, while the last bolt totally finished it off bisecting the ship in two.

Rotakamee saw from the cameras on his ship that another three enemy starships had also been destroyed and they hadn’t even sustained a hit.

The tables turned in that instant as four starships amazingly unnoticed had appeared under the fleet causing immense damage as the ships fired all six of their cannons at the platoon of ships above. Before they could react eight starships went down each of them either destroyed by the big holes in their midsection of that the fact that the ship had been split in two.

Trying to regain his control Rotakamee set a series of orders in order to move a score of starships there to intercept the enemy ships.

The twenty ships moved splitting into two groups of ten and coming at the four ships in a pincer movement.

Red beams lanced out from the score of ships totally obliterating the four ships standing there.
* * *

“ I want a firing solution on that squadron of starships on the right fore-flank!” Righteousness said.

“ Calculating… done sending solution now!” exclaimed an elite officer.

The ship The Benevolent Righteousness opened fire with its colossal fifteen plasma cannons. The bolts sped out like angry hornets. They impacted upon the hulls of the six ships setting their hull on fire and burning the ships and the people inside alive.

* * *

“ Damn!” Rotakamee cursed. “ We have more ships we should be able to beat them!” “ I want a whole patrol of starships to concentrate on the area where the HAC Ship, it’s probably the leader’s ship.”

Nine nearby starships turned their attention to the right portion of the enemy’s army of ships. Their cannons pulsed with plasma and then with a flash the bolts of plasma jettisoned out of the barrels they were contained in. They impacted upon three of the enemy starships just as four of their own starships were destroyed.

* * *

Toromee collected a battalion of troops consisting of two score elites, a score and a quarter of grunts, and half a score of hunters. They moved forward walking through the desolate land before them.

All of a sudden there was a sound of banshees and a squad of them flew straight towards the battalion. Plasma bolts fired from the banshees hit the battalion killing five grunts and two elites. One of the hunter’s arm plasma cannon glowed and then discharged the sickly green plasma bolt at one of the banshees.

It hit the banshee on its right wing destroying the wing and half of the cockpit. The banshees tumbled out of control and landed thirty meters to the right of the battalion.

“ I want everybody to get into formation Alpha Setti,” roared Toromee. The grunts instantly moved to the forefront, elites in the middle, and hunters on the sides and back.

“ We won’t be getting wraiths, ghosts, or banshees till later on so don’t rush at the enemy!” Toromee said.

The battalion moved on forward undisturbed.

As they crossed another hill they were met with an onslaught of plasma fire.

Jackal fire teams fired their plasma pistols while the brutes behind them fired their plasma rifles along with a stolen shade.

Plasma bolts tore through the grunts ranks killing ten of them.

Instantly the elites fired their plasma rifles. The bolts did nothing though do to the walls of energy shields protecting the jackals and the brutes behind them.

Six hunters moved forward the arm cannon glowing. The cannons fired. Three green plasma bolts impacted upon a group of shielded jackals, overriding their shields and killing six jackals and the two brutes behind them. The other three bolts hit a trio of brutes sending them flying away, while the other two bolts hit the shade, blowing it up and killing the gunner.

The remaining grunts rushed forward with their plasma pistols firing. One of the grunts stopped primed a grenade and threw it over a three-manned jackal firing team.

The jackals turned around surprised, their shields turning with them, and were shot in the back by the waiting grunts.

Four more huge green plasma bolts from the hunters were fired; mangling the bodies of the eight brutes they were fired at.

The elites mad short work of the rest of the jackals and few brutes. They collected fallen weapons and moved onto the main base.

* * *

“ Make another firing solution for the six starships on the right flank!” demanded Righteousness.

The firing solutions were set and fifteen beams of plasma along with the modified five plasma mortars were fired at the six starships.

The fifteen plasma beams easily destroyed them and the other five mortars ell on the ships below destroying three of them.

“ Sir we are getting slip space ruptures on our side of the field!” exclaimed a brute tech officer.

“ Have a squad of starships check it out!” Righteousness replied.

“ Slip space ruptures are confirmed and the ships seem to be for us sir,” replied the tech officer.

“ How many did we get and what are they?” asked Righteousness.

“ Ten starships, seven carriers, and five RARS” the officer replied.

* * *

“ What do we have here?” demanded Rotakamee.

“ It seems the enemy has gained a total of fifteen reinforcements,” replied an elite officer.

“ Damn” Rotakamee muttered.

Three more of the enemy’s ships blew up as a squadron of plasma bolts impacted against their hulls.

Even with the damage being done the enemy force seemed to be getting larger and larger and their force seemed to be getting smaller and smaller.

* * *

“ Sir we have sighted the enemy troops!” a brute said to Caucascus.

“ Good, prepare the troops for battle!” Caucascus ordered.

* * *

“ Sir, we have neared the enemy base, what shall we do?” an elite asked.
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“ What do you think we shall do, we shall fight and march to glorious victory!” replied Toromee enthusiastically.

They covered the last stretch of ground quite quickly and opened fire at the encamped brutes and jackals.

The jackals quickly hid behind their shields as the plasma bolts harmlessly splashed against their shields.

“ Damn shields!” muttered Toromee. “ Bring forth the hunters to deal with them.

Ten hunters moved forward their cannon glowing. They fired and the sickly green plasma bolts rushed forward hitting a barricade of twenty jackals sending the jackals flying in different directions, their bodies deformed.

There was a steady hum and a cloud of smoke coming from the right of the battalion.

“ What is that?” asked Toromee. Then he realized exactly what it was it was two platoons of ghosts.

The ghosts drove into the midst of elites guns blazing. The plasma easily tore through the elites shielding, melted the armor, and shredded the flesh underneath it.

It was by mere luck that a Covenant starship had successfully reached the planet and was docking reinforcements right behind them.

Toromee saw the ship and laughed. “ Now with the reinforcements we are sure to win this match!” he chuckled.

Four hundred elites were deployed, along with six hundred grunts, one hundred hunters, fifty wraiths, seventy-five banshees, and two hundred ghosts.

The Exiled were in trouble now!

Toromee retreated in order to let the reinforcements go first.

Mortars flew as the enemy tried to stop the flow of Covenant coming at them. Elites and grunts scrambled out of the way trying to dodge them but some were unfortunate enough not to be able to dodge them and they were instantly vaporized by the mortar’s plasma.

The enemy ghosts continued at the oncoming wave of elites and grunts peppering them with plasma fire.

Five elites jumped at one of the nearby ghosts hijacking it and killing the rider with the ghost’s plasma turrets.

The Covenant banshees started to take off and they flew towards the brute’s base.

* * *

“ I want those banshees out of the sky!” Caucascus roared.
Brutes ran about jumping on shades and collecting fuel rod cannons. They quickly set up a firing team consisting of brutes holding fuel rod cannons and as the banshees neared they opened fire.

Big green balls of plasma launched at the oncoming banshees. Four of them were hit directly in the nose and the metal burned away and in the process burning away the elite inside’s face. The four banshees plummeted to the ground and exploded. Fourteen more banshees were hit in the wing and they tumbled out of control crashing into the hard ground.

* * *

“ I want you to target that starship hovering over our home base and destroy it!” ordered Righteousness.

“ Yes sir, firing solution ready, firing on your mark.” replied a weapons officer.

“ Fire!” declared Righteousness.

Six bolts of plasma shot forth from The Benevolent Righteousness and impacted upon the hovering starship. The starships instantly blossomed as the engine inside blew up and blue fire burst forth from the ship.

* * *

“ What the hell just happened?!?” demanded Toromee as the ship behind him blew up and pieces of metal starting raining down upon him.

I guess he would never know as a flying piece of metal fell piercing him through the lungs killing him instantly.

The Covenant below instantly went into mass chaos as pieces of the ship fell destroying wraiths, banshees, ghosts, and killing the Covenant warriors.

The brutes rejoiced and they quickly overran the bewildered Covenant warrior remaining.

* * *

“ What just happened down there?” Demanded Rotakamee.

“ We have received reports that the ship docking there blew up, it seems that our ground invasion force was all destroyed.” The officer said cautiously.

“ What the whole entire ground force destroyed, that’s not possible!” Rotakamee exclaimed.

“ Sorry sir it’s true,” the officer said sullenly.

“ Arghhhhh, Damn!” Rotakamee roared angrily. “ Lets destroy these infidels and then glass the planet.”

“ Aye aye sir!” the officers replied in unison.

While the battle was raging on the ground The Exiled forces had received twenty more ships to bolster their forces with, but they had also lost twenty-five more ships. The Covenant had also suffered with a loss of fifteen ships.

Beams of red and blue light were traded back and forth as the plasma bolts impacted on either sides ships.

* * *

“I want you to get a firing solution on their main capitol ship!” demanded Righteousness.

“ Yes sir, firing solution acquired, ready to fire!” said a brute captain.

“ Fire!” exclaimed Righteousness

Fifteen plasma bolts arced through space in perfect graceful beauty. All fifteen bolts impacted upon the capitol ship turning it into a tiny sun.

* * *

Rotakamee saw the plasma bolts, but there was nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. They swam towards him like angry sharks. ‘ So this is how it will end’ he thought. He saw them get closer and then he saw a bright light and saw no more.

* * *

‘It was over’ thought Righteousness. They had finally defeated the Covenant platoon of ships.

Righteousness was tired, the Covenant threat was over for now, and there was nothing to worry about. He did not foresee the danger to come, as The Exiled would travel through the world to free their brethren and clear the path for ultimate salvation.
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Section II: The Return of the Alliance
Part I: The Covenant
Chapter I: The Arbiter

“ Supreme Commander Rotakamee has failed in the mission to defeat the brutes and their treacherous prophets.” said an elite councilor.

“ We must find another person to finish the brutes off!” demanded another councilor.

“ Quiet everyone quiet!” ordered the Supreme Chancilor. “ I have just the person to send.”” Let one of the guards in.”

One of the honor guards standing outside came in and said “ Yes Supreme Chancilor you called me.”

“ Yes, bring me the Arbiter he should be in his quarters.” Ordered the Supreme Chancilor.

“ Yes your Excellency!” said the guard enthusiastically.

* * *

“ Yusaw, can you get the plasma rifle I have on the rack in the corner.” Rona Monamee asked to his senior grunt partner next to him.

Yusaw was a spec-ops grunt and was highly respected at that. He was chosen by Rona himself when he proved his loyalty to the elite by saving Rona from a mortar that had been shot at his position. Ever since then the grunt had escalated in rank and became his senior partner.

“ Yes, Arbiter sir” answered Yusaw in a squeaky voice as he went to grab the rifle.

He came back with the rifle, handed it to Rona, and waddled back to his seat to continue furiously polishing the shiny black armor he always wore. There was a slight hum as the door opened. Rona instinctively turned around to find a honor guard standing at the doorway.

“ The Council request your presence Arbiter.” The honor guard said.

Rona nodded. He quickly buckled on his rifle, placed his helmet on, and making sure he looked presentable walked out the door; he gave a quick nod to Yusaw signifying he would be back and he would want most of his gear packed.

As Rona neared the Council Chambers one of the guards came forward to give Rona the normal skin verification procedure always used when someone was scheduled to appear in front of the council.

The guard nodded that everything checked out fine and Rona proceeded through the door.

“ Ah the Arbiter how great it is to see you,” declared the Supreme Chancellor.

“ You wanted to see me?” asked Rona.

“ Yes, yes as you may know Supreme Commander Rotakamee failed in his mission to destroy the brutes and the few prophets they now cling to.” I want you to lead the Fourth Fleet of Harmonious Exultation and find these brutes and prophets and kill them before they cause any more harm.” “ Understand Arbiter that I am giving you a whole fleet to destroy such a small group, you should be able to win.” “ If you don’t… do not come back alive.” “ You understand Arbiter!”

“ Yes sir!” Rona replied. This was going to be a big responsibility and he better do it right.

“ Go then and collect your fleet.” the Supreme Chancellor said.

Rona bowed and walked away from the podium to the entry doors. Once out Rona quickly called Yusaw over the COM to make sure his stuff was packed. He would be there in a minute.
He rushed down the halls, stopped by his room and entered. All of his gear was in the center of the room and Yusaw was waiting at full attention battle armor gleaming.

“ Good job Yusaw, now we must be going.” Rona said.

“ If I may ask sir where are we going?” Yusaw inquired.

“ The Council wants us the collect The Fourth Fleet of Harmonious Exultation and find The Exiled rebels and kill them.” Rona answered. He picked up a bag and headed out the door to one of the Phantoms

Yusaw nodded and grabbed the rest of the gear and followed Rona out the door.

They reached the Phantom, loaded the bags, and the Phantom took off towards the HAC Ship located at the lead of The Fourth Fleet of Harmonious Exultation.

* * *

“ I want this fleet on the course to The Exiled homeworld ASAP!” demanded Rona.

The officers were quick to obey and the coordinates were distributed amongst all the ships in the fleet.

“ Ready when you are sir!” said an officer.

“ Acknowledged, put me on FLEETCOM.” Rona said.
“ Yes sir, you are on” replied the COM officer.

“ I know you have heard of the the Supreme Commmander’s failure, but I am not the Supreme Commander and I do not intend to fail.” “ We will make a slipspace jump to their homeworld and rid them from this universe once and for all!” Rona declared.

There was a shout of approval and enthusiasm as Rona finished his speech and stepped to the command post.

The fleet engaged their slipspace generators and as one they jumped straight to The Exiled’s homeworld.

“ Call in Fleet Master Ono ‘Vorakamee” Rona asked.

“ Yes Arbiter” an elite officer replied.

A few minutes later an elite in the golden armor of a zealot arrived on deck. He quickly strode over to the Arbiter and gave curt bow and then came rigid to attention.

“ I called you Vorakamee because I do not wish to fight in space for that is not my forte, I want you to lead the fleet in battle and I will go down to the planet below and rid the world of the brutes myself.” Rona said.

“ I would be honored, Arbiter” Vorakamee replied.

Rona nodded and dismissed Vorakamee, telling him to come back before they had exited slipspace.

Turning to the a messenger elite he said “ Go find Aru Atakara, Mork Zoramee, and Rtas Vadumee and bring them here.”

The messenger nodded and ran off to obey the command.

Several minutes later Mork Zoramme, a gold field master, walked into the control center.

“ You wanted to see me Arbiter?” Zoramee asked.

“ Yes I want you to lead the main portion of the army, about three-fourths, on the ground. I want you to take most of the wraiths, ghosts, banshees, and specters since you will be attacking from the front directly.” “ No need to thank me, go now and prepare.”

Zoramee nodded and walked out, pride beaming in his eyes.

Three minutes later Aru Atakara came in, a crimson colored major elite.

“ Why have you called upon me Arbiter?” Atakara asked surprisingly.

“ Field Master Zoramee is leading three-fourths of the ground forces and I would like you to lead the other fourth of the forces and hit The Exiled’s main base from behind.” “ You will get what is left of the wraiths, ghosts, banshees, and specters and launch your assault there.” “ You understand this is a big job.”

“ Yes Arbiter, it would be my honor!” Atakara said shocked.

Rona nodded and Atakara headed out of the control room.

Entering from the same door walked in Rtas Vadumee, also known as Half-Jaw due to the fact that two of his mandibles had been cut off in a fight with another elite.

“ Arbiter what would you have me do?” Rtas asked humbly.

“ Rtas I would like you to accompany me and a special operatives force in our mission to find the prophet and the so called brute Caucascus and kill them.

“ I see and you would like me to select spec-ops team for you?” Rtas asked.

“ Yes, but keep in mind I have Yusaw so don’t forget about him and get another grunt.”

“ I will remember, Arbiter.” Rtas said

“ Good I would like a team of ten including yourself.” “ Be ready before we exit slipspace, I want you all up here before, understand!” Rona said.

“ Understood” Rtas replied.

Rtas walked out to collect the troops.

Nodding to a nearby major class elite Rona walked out of the control room heading to his own quarters where Yusaw would be waiting.

He entered his room and Yusaw instantly came to attention. Rona nodded and Yusaw sat back down on a metal chair that was placed in the corner.

“Yusaw, will you wake me up thirty minutes before we exit back into normal space?” Rona asked.

“ Yes, Arbiter” Yusaw replied.

Rona nodded and went to bed.

* * *
“ Wake up Arbiter wake up!” Yusaw exclaimed. “ Were exiting normal space in twenty minutes!”
“ Huh what… okay” Rona said groggily.

Rona donned on his armor and he and Yusaw headed off to the control room. When he got there Fleet Master Vorakamee was already there making preparations for the fleet’s assault.
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PostSubject: Re: Halo: The Aftermath   Tue Aug 14, 2007 9:52 pm

Rona nodded and climbed up to the control platform to survey how everything was going.

Several minutes later a spec-ops team consisting of Rtas, five spec-ops elite ( three minors and two majors), and four grunts ( four spec-ops and one ultra) entered the control room.

Rona and Yusaw quickly walked over to them and nodded to Rtas.

“ I am leaving the fleet in your hands Vorakamee, you better not disappoint me.” Rona said turning to Vorakamee.

“ I won’t sir!” Vorakamee replied.

Rona nodded and turned walking out the door with the spec-ops team trailing behind him.

He stopped at Hangar A07 and him and his team boarded the Phantom and prepared to take off.

“ Warrior we are about to enter normal space, prepare for battle!” Vorakamee declared over FLEETCOM. “ We will purge these infidels from this galaxy, down with The Exiled!”

Shouts of enthusiasm burst forth from every covenant warrior in the whole fleet.

“ Entering normal space Arbiter, we will be taking off soon.” said an elite pilot.

Flexing his arms and legs anxiously, Rona nodded to the pilot and took position in front of the ship.

* * *

“ Slipspace ruptures prepare for an assault.” announced a brute officer.

“ What…… this early……… but it can’t be!” Righteousness declared. “ Damn!” “ Tell Caucascus, to assemble what we have now!”

The officer nodded and went to work.

Righteousness looked through one of the cameras mounted outside of the bridge. One hundred starships of various classes came into view right over Containment Installation 0013. ‘ It couldn’t be……… that large of a force’ he thought.
“ Prepare the ships we have to engage the fleet, we shall not let them have our planet!”
* * *

“ Launch all crafts, vehicles, and troops to the planet ASAP!” demanded Vorakamee. “ I don’t want to see anyone on here, not a single grunt!”

Officers scurried around releasing pods, talking to other shipmasters, talking over the COM, and giving orders.

Hangar A07 was opened and six phantoms flew out along with a squad of seraphs. The Phantoms quickly entered the atmosphere and there was a slight bump as it hit an air pocket. As they flew away from the clouds the dropships split up. The Arbiter’s veered right and disappeared over the horizon, while the others continued on heading for the main enemy base.

* * *

“ Where is Field Master Zoramee?” a crimson clad elite growled. Potakorome had been standing a meer five kilometers from the enemy base with three hundred other troops. They had all been waiting for the Field Master to get there and lead them into battle. ‘ It’s taking to along, every hour we wait they get stronger!’ Potakorome thought.

“ That’s enough,” Potakorome said to a nearby minor elite, “ gather all of the troops and I shall lead them against the enemy!”

The anxious elite nodded and hurried off to gather everyone. Once the troops were ready Potakorome urged them forward.

They quickly neared the base and stopped. It didn’t even look like the enemy was prepared at all. Everything looked scattered around places. ‘ This will be easy, and I will be praised for my actions’ Potakorome thought.

Potakorome and the other three hundred troops roared and charged towards the base plasma rifles and plasma pistols waving around in the air.

All of a sudden the base came to life and four hundred jackals appeared behind the wrecked vehicles parked in a perfect line around the base. They raised their shields creating an almost impenetrable wall. The shocked troops continued forward and were methodically shot down before they finally acted.

The elites moved aside and a legion of grunts moved forward flinging grenades and firing their plasma pistols at the jackals.

One of the jackal’s shields overloaded and in that instant five grenades fell directly into the unprotected spot. The jackals freaked and broke formation. There was a big flash and the grenades wiped out a whole score of jackals.

The elites seeing the opportunity rushed forward only to be cut down by the legion of ghosts that drove through the broken jackal lines.

A ghost neared Potakorome. The twin plasma cannon heated up and fired at him. He quickly ducked to the side evading the bolts. His shield flickered as the excess heat from the plasma splashed over his right side. The ghost was just about to pass him when he made a daring move. He launched his body straight at the ghost and landed right in front of it. Using the plasma rifle he had in his hand he hit the brute over the head and threw him off the ghost. He hopped into the seat and drove out of the battle just to get his mind clear from the close call he had with that brute. As he turned around to see the battle he froze. ‘ This can’t be possible’ he thought as he looked over the battlefield. Out of the three legions of troops he had he was down to only a platoon left of raggedy tired elites and grunts. In his shock he didn’t see the giant green plasma bolt that had been fired by a brute standing a mere twelve meters away. The plasma washed over his shield. It flickered once than died and the rest of the plasma blew him and his ghost twenty meters to the right where the rest of his body fell to the ground.

* * *

“ Is Field Master Zoramee out of the ship already?” Vorakamee asked.

“ Yes sir!” replied an officer.

“ Good, get all ships prepared to fight the enemy platoon!” Vorakamee ordered.

His HAC ship The Inspiring Flight turned, the bow of the ship facing the enemy platoon.

“ Fire plasma turrets 2-4 at the oncoming Exiled Destroyer!” Vorakamee ordered.

Three beams of light shot forth from The Inspiring Flight and two landed directly on the oncoming destroyer the other one right behind it. The shield flickered and then went out. The third plasma bolt, seeing no interference from the shield, impacted on the hull of the Destroyer burning into eight decks and leaving a one hundred meter burning hole in the starboard side of the ship. The enemy destroyer shuddered, but then gained control.

“ Finish it off, fire turrets 5-6!”

Two more beams of plasma burst forth and impacted along the bow and the port side of the ship. The control center of the enemy Destroyer stood illuminated for a brief second and then the room and thirteen decks were vaporized along with its passengers. The ship billowed out of control and floated around, a floating piece of fiery metal.

* * *

Field Master Zoramee stepped out from under the Phantom to look upon some one thousand troops standing around on the deserted plateau. Not to mention the two hundred wraiths, eight hundred ghosts, four hundred banshees, and one hundred specters that would be already filled when they go here.

Zoramee smiled to himself ‘ this is going to be a good day’ he thought.

A couple of a hours later the troops and armor support were ready.

“ Men here me!” “ We have come today not to show mercy to the enemy, but to be merciless to the enemy!” “ We will tear down their establishments and eradicate them from our galaxy!” Zoramee exclaimed.

There was a mighty roar as thousands of troops screamed into the cool night sky.

“ Onward my brethren, to victory!”

The time for peace is for later, the time for war is soon, but the time to glorious salvation is now!

* * *

“ Major Atakaru sir, we are coming up at the back of the enemy base.” “ It is in our sites,” the Phantom pilot announced.

“ Good, everyone prepare for combat!” Atakaru announced over the COM.

Atakaru moved toward the back of the dropship and clipped his sword to his side.

The dropships came to a steady halt a good five kilometers from the enemy base. They hovered there for a brief second before they unloaded everybody and took off.

Atakaru and the troops in his dropship had just touched down when a series of mortar shots were fired from the enemy walls.

There was a shout to move out of the way, but it was to late for a whole score of troops who were killed when the mortars impacted on their group. Rallying the troops together Atakaru led them forward towards the enemy base.

* * *

There was a massive roar as thousands of elites and covenant troops ran over the scarred battlefield towards the enemy main base.
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PostSubject: Re: Halo: The Aftermath   Tue Aug 14, 2007 9:55 pm

Zoramee said looking up to the sky towards the oncoming enemy banshees, “ I want all of our banshees in the air now!”

There was a loud hum as two legions of enemy ghosts came in their plasma cannon firing. A score of elites immediately fell their body horribly distorted by the plasma.

Jackals popped out behind the ghosts and raising their shield they fired at the elites. Shields flared as jackals and elites alike were killed.

“ I want our Anti-Armor support squads to position themselves along the enemy ghost flank and take them out!” Zoramee ordered.

Several minutes later there was a flash as twenty green shots were fired followed by twenty blue explosions as the plasma hit their targets.

All of a sudden the major elite standing next fell backwards as a sniper bolt pierced his shielding and entered his skull sending pieces of bone and flesh everywhere.

Zoramee snarled and ducked behind a parked wraith.

“ I want a beam rifle right away, now!” Zoramee ordered.

An obedient grunt came waddling up to give rifle to him but right before he got there he was shot in the chest and he went down blue blood splattering the rocky dirt beneath him.

Crawling slowly and carefully Zoramee inched forward and snatched up the beam rifle. He looked through the scope and almost instantly found the jackal sniper hiding behind a wrecked ghost. Taking careful aim he fired the rifle at the jackal’s leg. He immediately jerked up in pain and that was all Zoramee needed. A fine lance of purple plasma shot from the rifle and entered the jackal’s eye killing it instantaneously.

Sure that he was safe now Zoramee stepped out from behind the wraith and took his place at the command area. He watched the battle seen it was complete chaos. Jackals, brutes, everybody was being killed. Black, blue, orange, purple blood littered the floor of the battlefield.

Zoramee watched as an enemy banshee was blown out of the air as two fuel rod blasts impacted on the starboard and bow side.

* * *

‘It was his time to shine’ thought Porosomee. ‘Field Master Zoramee is up there in the command center and he will be watching me.’ Porosomee gathered a squadron of grunts and he headed towards a group of firing ghosts. Igniting a plasma grenade he threw it at the ghosts. There was a startled roar as the grenade stuck to one of the ghosts blowing it up and burning away the flesh of the rider. The grunts instantly ran forward firing their plasma pistols like crazy maniacs. A series of ten plasma bolts impacted upon one of the brute rider’s skull burning away the flesh, bone and brain. The brute toppled of his ghost and fell to the ground. The brutes immediately recovered and methodically hosed down the grunts with plasma fire. Seeing his chance to prove his worthiness Porosomee jumped onto one of the nearby ghosts and shot the rider in the face six times. He got in the ghost and fired his plasma cannons at the other three enemy ghosts. One ghost overloaded and blew up killing the driver, but the others quickly recovered fired their plasma cannons back at Porosomee. ‘ Why………… why’ he thought……… ‘ Why did I come up with the stupid idea.’ “ I am so sorry for disappointing you Field Master Zoramee.” That was the last thing he said as his ghost’s engine was hit by a plasma bolt and his ghost blew up in a fiery blue flash.

* * *
Vorakamee’s HAC Ship, The Inspiring Flight, shuddered as three plasma torpedos impacted upon the portside of the ship.

“ Status report!” barked Vorakamee.

“ Sir we have lost decks E-J and defense power is at seventy two percent; engine power sixty seven percent, and slipspace generator power seventy percent,” replied an elite tech specialist.

“ I want you to fire torpedo bays 1-5 and fire plasma turrets 2-3 at the enemy CCS-Class Battlecruiser.” Vorakamee ordered.

“ Aye Aye sir!” replied an officer.

Thirty small streaks of blue-ish plasma spewed forth from the bow of the ship. A score of plasma torpedoes hit the enemy shield; it flashed once then collapsed. The other ten torpedoes hit along the nose of the ship creating fires all along the bow of the ship. The ship wobbled for a bit then regained control. The enemy captain had just thought he had barely survived that when two plasma beams hit the bow of the ship, completely obliterating the control center and the whole entire ship electric system. The enemy ship shook violently and then blew up in a shower of blue sparks and fiery pieces of metal.

“ Good, what is the battle condition?” Vorakamee demanded.

“ We seem to be holding in there, we have about a little more than a platoon of ships left. As for the enemy sir…… it doesn’t look like they have more than a score of ships left.” an officer replied.

“ Good, lets finish them once and for all!”

* * *

“ Arbiter sir we are nearing the enemy base soon. I hope you are prepared. I do not know how the enemy will take my incoming descent.” the pilot announced.

The Phantom came up to the enemy base walls and was surprisingly let through without any sort of security check or anything.

‘ This is a little strange’ Rona thought. Turning to the rest of the spec-ops team “ everyone put on your active camouflage we are about to disembark soon.”

There were some nods of satisfaction and then the spec-ops team seemed to melt into the metal of the Phantom.

“ We are here Arbiter you may disembark now” the pilot said.

Rona nodded and turned on his active camouflage. The anti-grav lift opened up and Rona and the spec-ops team quietly slipped out of the Phantom. Once on the ground the team moved forward hearing the Phantom fly off in the background.

Rona went in through the doors and came face to face with a confused looking brute. The brute roared once and then fell to the ground his chest burned open and his melted intestines and guts washing over his body and onto the floor. Rona turned off his sword and unbuckled the plasma rifle that was attached to his belt. The team silently moved forward down the corridor. The spec-ops team rounded the corner to find a patrol walking in their direction. It looks like they didn’t see them yet. All of a sudden one of the brutes stopped as he recognized the glimmering shapes in front of him as camouflaged elites. He gave a quick bark to notify the others. That was all Rona needed to decide to use evasive action. Four elites opened fire with their plasma rifles spraying the three brutes in front with plasma fire.

One brute went down half of his body almost cut in half by all the plasma. Four jackals instantly ran forward with their shields up to protect the brutes behind them. One of the jackals fired a charged plasma bolt and one of the grunts got hit in the face with it totally destroying the grunt’s face. It plopped to the ground dead, blue blood spluttering out of his neck. Yusaw primed a plasma grenade and lobbed it over the jackals. It landed right behind them catapulting their dead bodies forward. Rona fired off his plasma rifle and was satisfied when he heard the roar of a brute as the plasma horribly disfigured his already ugly face. The rest of the team quickly finished off the patrol and moved on down that corridor.

* * *

Five Phantoms loomed overhead raining red plasma on the elites below them.

“ I want a squadron of anti-armor ready to fire at those dropships, also bring in a score of banshees!” Zoramee ordered.

Nine grunts along with three elite minor overseers ran along under the Phantoms and prepared to fire. The Phantoms instantly concentrated their fire at the fire team but they were to late. Six bolts of green plasma flew out from the grunts’ fuel rod guns and impacted upon one of the Phantoms. The metal alloy bubbled and then burst open flinging metal everywhere. Another plasma bolt hit the inside of the ship where the pilot was destroying the control console and disintegrating the pilot. One of the minor elites fell to the ground the front half oh his body melted away.

Twenty banshees flew in at that moment and bombarded the Phantoms with their plasma cannons and built in fuel rod guns. One of the Phantoms blew up as a series of four fuel rod bolts impacted along the ship’s engine. Seeing this the Phantoms decided to back off and retreat. For one unlucky Phantom it didn’t make it. Nine fuel rod bolts were fired straight up into the ship’s grav-lift blowing up the ship from the inside.

There was a small cheer as two injured Phantoms flew away.
‘ We are winning’ Zoramee though as he looked over the battlefield. The enemy might have had the base but they couldn’t seem to hold the battlefield. Zoramee’s massive ground forces had easily taken over the enemy ground forces and were easily charging through the battlefield.

* * *

‘ Those damned brutes’ Atakaru thought. ‘His forces just couldn’t seem to break through the enemy line of fire. Plasma turrets and shades were lined up on top of the enemy base wall. Their constant fire was keeping the men at bay. Those lucky bastards had already taken out their wraiths through constant plasma fire and their own wraiths which were tucked safely inside the base.’

“ Come on troops, move forward, break the lines!”

There was a brave roar and the troops charged forward. Atakaru watched as a whole platoon of troops fell within the first twenty seconds of the charge. He was stunned ‘ how could they cause such devastation?’ Atakaru grabbed a nearby fuel rod gun hoping to make at least a small hole in the enemy defenses. He fired three shot in quick succession at the row of turrets and shades on the walls. He gave a triumphant roar as three turrets blew up sending their gunners off the wall.

“ I want a whole platoon of troops to be equipped with anti-armor weapons and I want them to aim their fire at the enemy shades and turrets!” Atakaru ordered.

Fuel rod guns were distributed and elites and grunts formed in a straight line at the back of their charging forces.

The fuel rod guns were fired and there was a bright green flash as the plasma bolts impacted upon their target overriding the shades’ built in shields. There was a mighty cheer and the troops continued on forward.

* * *

“ Bring the ship port to starboard!” Vorakamee ordered.

“ Aye aye sir!”

The Inspiring Flight shifted to the left exposing the starboard side to the charging enemy destroyer.

“ Fire torpedo pods 9-11!”

Twelve plasma torpedoes left their launching bays and impacted upon the weak ship shields destroying them.

“ Sir the enemy destroyer is getting to close, in range of secondary sub-plasma turrets.”

“ Fire Sub-turrets 1-10!”

Ten small streaks of plasma flew out from The Inspiring Flight’s starboard side. They impacted upon the nose of the enemy destroyer. The metal crumpled, caught on fire, and then blew up as pressure was released and the ship was rocketed off course. The wrecked destroyer collided with one of its fellow frigates and they blew up in a bright blue flash.

“ Now that that destroyer is gone I want you to concentrate all fire on that carrier” Vorakamee said pointing it on the screen.

All eight of the ship’s turrets glowed bright as it prepared to fire.
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PostSubject: Re: Halo: The Aftermath   Tue Aug 14, 2007 9:55 pm

“ Get ready to fire torpedo pods 6-8 and 13-15!”

“ Sir we have a lock on the carrier.”

“ Good, fire the torpedos!”

Thirty six plasma torpedoes shot out from The Inspiring Flight and impacted upon the carrier’s shield utterly destroying it. The eight plasma bolts followed right after that. They impacted upon the hull of the carrier boiling the metal and ripping huge chunks of the ship away. The skeletal frame of the carrier stood for a split second and then it exploded causing severe damage a fellow frigate that was to close.
* * *

“ I hear a noise up ahead, everybody turn on your camouflage!” Rona ordered.

The spec ops team seemed to melt into the brown wall that was behind them. They inched forward plasma rifles at the ready. They eventually saw what was going on. It seemed there were a squardron of brutes who seemed to be forming a circle around something. As the spec-ops team got closer they saw that the brutes made a circle around a two jackals who were wrestling. The brutes were cheering, hollering, and roaring as the wrestling matched continued to go on. All of a sudden one of the brutes stopped laughing and looked down at his chest. A plasma sword had gone straight through his back and had exited at the other side tearing the flesh and searing his internal organs. He roared and fell to the ground as Rtas took the sword out of his chest. The brutes turned around and the spec-ops team opened fire.

The jackals went down quickly since they didn’t have enough time to grab the shields and click them on. One of the brutes dropped his weapon and charged the spec-ops team. He hit a grunt and sent it flying twelve meters backwards were hit the wall and collapsed, blue florescent blood seeping out of his head. An elite through a grenade which stuck to the berserk brute and exploded sending the dead brute back towards its allies. It landed in a heap in front, twitching once than dieing. The brutes roared and charge the team firing the plasma pistols and rifles. Two grunts quickly lobbed grenades at the oncoming brutes. Two explosions followed the throw and one brute fell to the ground its front half of its chest almost completely gone. Rona and Rtas took out their swords and charged the brutes. Two other brutes quickly fell before Rona and Rtas reached them. Rona’s shield flickered as a plasma bolt hit him in the chest discharging the plasma in a wave like motion. He stumbled backwards but Rtas ran forward and swiftly decapitated the brute that had fired the shot. Rona recovered and ran forward issuing a uppercut with his sword cutting the brute’s chest, neck, and face. Another brute was stuck by a grenade and exploded a few seconds later. All of a sudden brute dodged Rtas’s blade and knocked him to the ground sending his blade flying a few meters away where the fail-safe kicked in turning the sword off. The brute took out his brute shot and was about to kill Rtas when Rona opened fire with his plasma rilfe. The plasma washed over the brute’s skin singeing him. He roared and turned around. That was when Rtas came up from behind and dealt a blow to a blow to the back of the brute’s head with his plasma rifle. He then swiftly took the brute shot out of the dazed brute’s hand and hit him right along the neck with the blade on the brute shot. The brute fell to the ground and died, blood pouring out of his neck. The last brute was quickly dispatched and the team looked around to gather weapons. Once they had finished scavenging they moved on forward down the corridor heading to the control that not that far away.

* * *

There was a huge explosion as an enemy Phantom crash landed in the middle of the battlefield killing a whole score of his troops. Vorakamee was furious. ‘ How could this be happening to him?’ he thought. They had been winning before, but know the brutes seemed to be coming back. In the past thirty minutes he had already lost two hundred troops. Also during those thirty minutes they had only managed to kill about one hundred brutes. Vorakamee decided……… he was going to go into battle himself and he would show the brutes how strong a true elite is. Making sure his plasma sword and plasma rifle was latched on Vorakamee headed into the battlefield with ten honor guards trailing behind him, swords at the ready. Vorakamee instantly saw an oncoming enemy ghost coming towards him. He waited till the ghost got next to him and then he dodged out of the way and through a plasma grenade, which stuck onto the driver. The ghost veered out of control and then blew up as the grenade detonated. He proceeded forward and entered the bloody field where brutes and elites were fighting in close combat. There were flashes of plasma fire and a few times Vorakamee’s shield would flare as it took a hit from a plasma bolt. He came upon a squad of elites who were bunkered under an upturned spectre. They seemed to be pinned down by a group of brutes that were laying suppressing fire on them. Vorakamee quickly snuck up behind the brutes and killed two with quick sword strokes. The pinned elites knowing that the firing had stopped peeked over the spectre and aimed fire at the remaining brutes. One went down automatically as it was bombarded from the combined effort of the squad of pinned elites. Vorakamee quickly killed the last one and moved on back into the main fight. He would quickly move through the individual fights and kill the brutes fighting in them. Within the hour the Covenant had retaken half of the field. Quickly mustering all the troops Vorakamee yelled “ This is our last stand troops, we will either be victorious or die! For the Covenant, Charge!”

The Covenant as one charged forward towards their ultimate prize, the enemy base.

* * *

“ Report!”

“Sir, we have whittled them down to ten ships!” an elite officer replied.

“ Good, everyone move in we are going to take these guys out! I want a lock on the enemy carrier at our starboard side! When you have a lock warm up all plasma turrets, we are going to destroy this one like we did all the others!”

“ Weapons locked sir, ready to fire!”

“ Fire!”

Eight beams of plasma shot forth from The Inspiring Flight one right after another. Four plasma bolts quickly impacted upon the carrier’s full shield utterly destroying it. The last four bolts impacted directly upon the carrier’s hull turning the carrier into a piece of molten slag.

The Inspiring Flight suddenly shuddered as it took a hit from its portside.

“ What just hit us!” Vorakamee asked.

“ Sir we have been hit by two plasma bolts. Hull breached in Decks M-S. Sealing off right now. Stabilizing. Were good now.” an officer replied.

“ Ship status report!”

“ Sir, defense power at sixty three percent, engine power sixty percent, and slipspace generator power sixty four percent.” the status officer replied.

“ Damn, everybody concentrate fire on those last ships we have to destroy them now!”

* * *
Rona and the spec-ops team moved forward and came to a door marked Control Room. Rona signaled for everybody to have their plasma rifles and pistols at the ready. This was the moment everybody had been waiting for. Rona opened the door and everybody charged in guns blazing. Three brutes along with five jackals were killed instantly in the opening charge. Rona slit a brute’s throat and Rtas killed two more with swift slashes from his sword. Rona’s shield flared as he was hit by plasma. He looked up to see the brute chieftan named Caucascus wielding duel plasma rifles firing at him. He jumped out of the way and thought ‘ that must be the leader of the ground forces, I must kill him’. Rona signaled to Rtas and they moved forward plasma swords at the ready. The brute chieftain growled and the three brute honor guards protecting him moved forward to battle Rona and Rtas. Rtas quickly charged one and they were soon engaged in a ferocious battle. Rona lobbed a grenade at one and charged the other honor guard sword in his right hand, plasma rifle in his left. There was a thud as the grenade blew up and roar from the honor guard that had gotten hurt. Rona lunged at his foe but the brute sidestepped and brought his arm down on Rona’s back sending him three meters away. Rona swiftly got up and fired his plasma rifle directly at the brute. The plasma splashed over his armor and skin but the brute seemed unaffected. The brute ran at Rona his rifle raised like a club. Rona dodged him and dealt a cut with his sword to the brute’s ribs. The brute roared and lunged again at Rona. Rona got out of the way and slashed once more at the brute’s ribs. The brute tackled him and they wrestled on the floor. The brute kept bringing his arms up and smashing them down on Rona’s shield. He was taking quite a beating. Seeing an opening Rona kneed the brute in his chest, tucked in his legs and pushed off sliding right from under the brute. He then jumped on the brute’s back and hit him over the head with his rifle. The brute cringed and roared trying to shake Rona off. Rona planted a grenade on the brute’s head and then jumped off. The brute screamed and then exploded. Rona turned and saw Rtas finish off the last honor guard. He then turned to Caucascus to fight.

“ Ha ha you are quite good Arbiter and……… Rtas. I would stay and fight, but sadly I must be going now. Goodbye!” Caucascus said, and with that he exited out the backdoor. Rona tried to chase, but the door was locked.

“ It is alright Rona, we have won the battle The Exiled are retreating.” Rtas said.

Rona exited the main facility and looked into the battlefield. Many dead bodies lay there. Thousands were killed, but they had won the war.

“ We did it Arbiter they are retreating, we have beaten The Exiled on their own planet!” Zoramee exclaimed.

“ Yes, yes we have Zoramee.” Rona replied looking up to the sky.

* * *

“ Sir The Exiled are retreating, they are going to slipspace out of here!” an officer exclaimed.

“ Where are they going, do u have their coordinates?” Vorakamee asked.

“ Yes sir!”

“ Good, we will chase the Prophet of Righteousness and kill him. Have Phantoms pick up the Arbiter and the rest of the ground forces. We will rid the galaxy of The Exiled once and for all!”
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PostSubject: Re: Halo: The Aftermath   Tue Aug 14, 2007 9:58 pm

Part I: The Covenant
Chapter II: The Unexpected Discovery

“ Sir we have picked up all survivors including the Arbiter and his team!” a crimson clad elite said.

“ Good. The enemy is weak so we don’t need to take such a large force to stop them. I will take ten ships and we will pursue those infidels.”

The Inspiring Flight moved away from the fleet and ventured out into the open. Ten ships immediately followed The Inspiring Flight and formed up around the ship. The coordinates were passed out and the ships prepared to enter slipspace. Motes of green light enveloped the group of ships and then they were gone.

“ ETA to normal space one hour!” announced the navigation specialist.

The control room doors slid apart and Rona entered the room, his armor stained with purple blood. Vorakamee turned to him and gave him a crisp salute. Rona nodded and returned the salute.

“ What is the situation?” Rona asked.

“ The Exiled fled. They issued random coordinates and slipspaced out of there. We are going to follow them and destroy every last ship they have!” Vorakamee replied.

“ Why did you only take ten ships?”

“ I felt we only needed ten ships to get rid of them. There is no use in sending the whole fleet after them if I can kill them with ten ships.”

“Hmm, what is our ETA time?”

“ ETA in one hour. It is not going to be a long trip.”

Rona nodded and walked out the room to his living quarters, Yusaw trailing behind him.

Vorakamee turned to the repair specialist and said, “ I want all the engineers to start fixing this ship now! I don’t want to enter normal space with a ship that is being held together by pieces of thin wire and pure faith.”

“ Yes sir.” The repair specialist walked out the door to go inform the engineers.

* * *

“ Sir ETA two minutes!”

“ Okay good, I want all personnel up and ready. Everybody to battle station mode! What is our ship report now!”

“ Sir, defense power at ninety seven percent, engine power ninety four percent, and slipspace generator power at one hundred percent!”

“ Good, all ships prepare for combat!”

“ Sir exiting slipspace!”

The Inspiring Flight along with the other ten ships exited slipspace.

“ Sir look! There is The Exiled!”

Vorakamee looked through the bow cameras and saw seven ships in orbit around a huge red planet.

“ Good, there they are. Everybody charge the enemy take them down!”

As the ships moved toward the ships orbiting the planet the enemy ships to turned around and moved towards the Covenant ships that were going to attack them. Unfortunately to the Covenant The Exiled fired first. Long lances of plasma arced forth from the enemy ships impacting along the shields of our ships. A Covenant frigate’s shield overloaded and three plasma bolts impacted upon its starboard side splitting the ship in half horizontally. The two sections spun out of control and later entered the gravity field of the big red planet.

“ Fire turrets 1-8!”

Eight lances of plasma burst out from The Inspiring Flight and impacted upon the enemy ships. Two enemy destroyer’s shields died and one unfortunate frigate was blown to pieces.

“ Sir, we are picking up slipspace contacts off our portside!”

Vorakamee looked out the port camera and saw the black space warp and five Exiled ships entered.

“ Sir they have received reinforcements!”

Vorakamee was to busy looking out the port camera he didn’t notice the four oncoming plasma bolts heading to the ship.

“ Sir brace for impact!”

Vorakamee instantly grabbed hold of the nearby emergency handhold when all of a sudden the ship shook.


“ The shields are down sir! We have lost defense power by five percent and engine power by two percent, but other than that we are alright!”
“ Target the enemy frigate on grid sector A3!”

“ Target required! We only have turrets 2-5 warmed up right now sir!”

“ I don’t care fire them!”

Four streaks of plasma burst forth from The Inspiring Flight and impacted upon the enemy frigate. The shield flickered once then died. The remaining plasma washed over the frigate boiling the outer five decks of the ship. There was a slight pop as some of the plasma met with the ship’s fusion reactor tank. Blue fire burst forth from different areas of the ship, than all of a sudden the ship burst outward sending fiery chunks of metal out into space.

Four destroyers nearby The Inspiring Flight also opened fire sending a volley of sixteen plasma bolts flying through space to the enemy ships. Three enemy ships’ shields failed and they were turned into a pile of molten slag as the plasma impacted on their hulls.

“ Sir we still have four ships off our portside!”

“ Destroy them then!”

A volley of plasma torpedoes arced out from The Inspiring Flight and impacted upon to enemy frigates. Their shields flickered and then dissipated. The remaining torpedoes struck boiling away the metal skin of the ships leaving only the frame.

“ Sir The Exiled seem to be fleeing!”

Sure enough as Vorakamee looked out the port and bow cameras he saw the ships move towards the red planet.

“ Damn they are trying to slingshot around the planet so they can get to the other side and get away! Chase after them!” Vorakamee declared.

The doors slid open and Rona entered the control room once again, alone this time.

“ Why have the ships suddenly accelerated, what is happening?”

“ Arbiter The Exiled are attempting to use the planet’s orbit to slingshot around to the other side of the planet. We are planning to chase after them.”

Rona nodded and went about checking up on the navigational statistics.

“ Sir entering planet’s orbit. Preparing to slingshot around. Slingshot engaged sir.”

There was a sudden increased acceleration as the ship was propelled forward by the planet’s gravity and the ship’s potential and kinetic energy.
Rona finished inspecting the navigation controls and moved to stand next to Vorakamee at the main control center.

Vorakamee turned to Rona and said “ Arbiter, I have something I need to do at my quarters, can you excuse me?”

Rona nodded and Vorakamee walked out of the control center.

“ Arbiter sir, we are coming around the planet. We will be within sighting range of the enemy in ten seconds.”

“ We are in sight of the enemy sir! Inbound! They have released dropships on our approach! Holy Shit! Sir look at the starboard cameras!”

Rona turned towards the starboard camera. He looked at the screen and stood there in a moment of shock. Rona mumbled to himself “ No…… it can’t be, no……no…… not another Ring!”
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PostSubject: Re: Halo: The Aftermath   Tue Aug 14, 2007 9:59 pm

Part II: The UNSC
Chapter I: The New Era

Date: March 4, 2555

Location: Classified

“ Congratulations to all of you Spartans that have passed the recent augmentations and the tests your fellow NCOs have put up for you! You are the top of the line new Spartan soldiers! I am sorry but you won’t have much time to rest. We have already got missions set up for you guys and you will be receiving your new MJOLNIR Mark VIII battle suits momentarily. Again congratulations Spartans and good luck!” said Admiral Paterson. He brought his right arm up to his forehead in a salute, which was followed by twenty strong calloused hands forming a crisp salute.

Admiral Paterson walked off the stage and Dr. Halsey walked up behind the podium.

“ Ok everyone you will all momentarily be split into different squads, be equipped with the new MJOLNIR Mark VIII, and given your mission assignments. You have all been great students and like…… never mind. Good luck Spartans!”

“ Attention!” yelled Chief Petty Officer Spartan R-017. The Spartans snapped to attention. “Dismissed!” They filed out of the auditorium and waited outside on the lawn.

Several minutes later an NCO walked out of the building and headed to the waiting Spartans. “ Okay Spartans I have the squad teams and I want you all to form in a group with your other squadmates.”

“ First off Red Team we have Spartan R-002 Katie, Spartan R-004 Chris, Spartan R-011 Clark, Spartan R-005 Curtis, and Spartan R- 007 Julie. Your squad leader is Spartan R-005 Curtis. Next, in Blue Team we have Spartan R-017 Thomas, Spartan R- 015 Peter, Spartan R-009 Jessica, Spartan R-003 Michael, and Spartan R-013 Valerie. Your squad leader is Chief Petty Officer Spartan R-017 Thomas. Next, in Green Team we have Spartan R-001 Ravi, Spartan R-006 Alice, Spartan R-010 Alexis, Spartan R-014 Ralph, and Spartan R-018 George. Your squad leader is Petty Officer Second Class Spartan R-006 Alice. Next, in Grey Team we have Spartan R-008 Courtney, Spartan R-012 Ryan, Spartan R-016 Eric, Spartan R-019 Louis, and Spartan R-020 Margaret. Your team leader is Petty Officer Second Class Spartan R-008 Courtney. Now that you have all been separated into your different teams and have been given their squad leaders we will start taking the teams in to put on the new armor and assign them their missions. We will be taking Green Team first, please come with me Green Team.”

The five Spartans filed up behind the NCO and followed him back into the buildings. After Green Team was called then came Grey Team, then Red Team, and finally Blue Team.
“ You’re the last group Blue Team, please follow me.” announced the NCO.

They all followed him back into the building where they were lead towards a lab room towards the back of the building. They entered the room to find Dr. Halsey and a few assistants standing by a rack carrying five suits of the new armor.

“ Okay Spartans like I have said before this is the new MJOLNIR Mark VIII armor and it has had some changes made to it. The suit does allow you to carry three weapons at a time; a sidearm like a pistol and two other weapons. Your helmet will monitor the amount of ammo in all three weapons you are carrying. It will also be able to show an inventory of cartridges, grenades, and any other ammo you have as extra. We have made the suit slimmer and less heavy while still adding the armor plates which are three times stronger than the Mark VII’s. We have integrated shielding technology, which has gotten better, and we have also been able to add the camo system inside the S-III SPI armor. Obviously we have also made improvements such as faster reaction time, a longer lasting oxygen supply, which should last you three hundred and sixty hours etc. I think that is all the explaining I need to tell you, so know we will fit on the suits.” Dr. Halsey said.

Attendants quickly moved back and forth carrying the new suit parts and putting them on the Spartans. It took about thirty minutes before the whole team was suited up. That was pretty fast seeing that eight attendants had to put armor on five Spartans which usually took three or four attendants to do on one.

“ Now that you are all suited up I will explain your mission. Your mission like always is to kill the covenant, which in this case are called The Exiled. Your team for now will be stationed upon the UNSC Atlas-Class Cruiser The Wayward Sleeper.” announced Dr. Halsey.

“ Ma’am what about the other teams?” Thomas asked.

“ Green Team will be stationed at a planet in the Corelius System called Corinth IV. Grey Team will be stationed at one of the clusters of Orbital MAC Stations in the Helios System. Lastly Red Team will be stationed just like you on a UNSC vessel. The UNSC Marathon-Class Cruiser Thoughtless Dreamer to be exact.” Dr. Halsey replied.

“ Thank you Ma’am.”

“ You should be going now Spartans. I will miss you.”

They saluted and walked out the doors of the laboratory and headed back to the lawn where a pelican dropship awaited them. They climbed aboard and it flew off into the sky to meet up with the Thoughtless Dreamer in geosynchronous orbit above them. The pelican docked in one of the ship’s many bays and the Spartans got off. Thomas quickly located the ship’s bridge on his helmet’s guidance system and he motioned the rest of the team to quickly follow. In several minutes they finally reached the bridge. They walked up to the command chair where captain of the ship was.

“ Chief Petty Officer Spartan R-017 and the rest of blue team reporting for duty Sir!” Thomas announced, his whole team raising their hands in salute.

“ At ease Spartans. Hello I am Captain James Wiles, captain of this fine ship. I suspect you know your mission. Our ship will momentarily jump off into slipspace and carry random patrol duties at different locations till we receive further orders. You understand Spartans?”

“ Yes sir!” they announced in unison.

“ We have your quarters already set up for you guys on Deck C. You will have to stay there till we give you any other orders. You are dismissed.”

Blue Team gave a crisp salute and walked off the bridge and headed towards their quarters. As they neared the room there was a sudden acceleration as the ship initiated its slipspace generator. They entered the room, which was quite spacious for living quarters. There were huge sterile closed racks where they could keep the armor when it was taken off. Rifles, pistol, ammo, and grenades were stacked off to the side away from their beds. They sat down on their beds and methodically took apart their armor the way Dr. Halsey had shown them before. They placed the armor in the sterile racks and went about checking the weapons that were in their personal armory. All of a sudden the intercom blared and the captain spoke, “ ETA to normal space in one hour I repeat ETA to normal space in one hour.” The voice was silent and the intercom turned off.

“ Everybody take an hour rest I think we will need it,” ordered Thomas.

They all nodded and went down to lie on their bunks.

* * *

“ ETA normal space two minutes.” the captain announced over the COM.

Thomas quickly got up to see that everybody else had gotten up and were donning on their armor. Picking up his armor parts from the racks he put them on his bunk and started to place them on him.

“ Entering normal space now!” the COM blared.

There was a sudden deceleration as the ship exited slipspace. A few minutes passed and in that time the Spartans had already donned all their armor.

“ All men to battle station, I repeat all men to battle stations. Enemy assault carrier sighted. All men to battle stations immediately!” the captain calmly screamed over the intercom. Several minutes later the captain spoke over the team’s private COM. “ Blue Team your orders are to stay in your room till we give you further orders. There should be several screens that are linked directly to our cameras, in you room. Understood?”

“ Yes sir!” Thomas answered somewhat disappointingly.

Peter went about turning on the screens so they can see how the battle would play out. The assault carrier immediately took a straight charge towards our ship.

An Exiled Assault Carrier is pretty powerful, but to charge at one of the UNSC’s most powerful cruisers was completely foolish.

Four thuds echoed through the ship as it fired its four heavy MAC guns. The first three impacted on the ships shields but the next one passed through the shields and landed toward the portside of the ship. The enemy responded with a quick volley of plasma. The plasma impacted upon the Atlas-Class Cruiser’s shield, but the shield held fast. Hundreds of small white streaks issued forth from The Wayward Sleeper as the archer pods were released. Tiny explosions appeared all around the enemy assault carrier as the archer missiles detonated on its surface. The weakened assault carrier suddenly came to life as it charged towards the cruiser at full speed.

There were two more resounding thumps from The Wayward Sleeper and two more explosions riddled the enemy ship.

Just as the ship was about to ram us it stopped bringing the ship to its starboard side, thus showing off its portside.

For an instant Thomas wondered why, but then realized to late that they were going to fire their secondary plasma turrets. Twelve small streaks of plasma flew from the enemy’s portside impacting upon our shield. The shield broke and The Wayward Sleeper took four hits to its hull.

Thomas watched as he saw the enemy’s ship’s secondary turrets start to warm up again. As if on cue, twenty Longsword Interceptors flew towards the turrets raining bombs and missiles on the enemy ship. All of a sudden there was a huge bright explosion as a Shiva-class nuclear warhead was dropped down on the unsuspecting Exiled ship. Without the ship’s shield the nuclear warhead had easily slipped through its defenses were it created great havoc on the enemy on the ship. Though the bomb hadn’t been detonated from inside the ship it still did major damage. Practically the whole entire portside of the ship had been destroyed. What was left of the ship turned around and flew away at its top speed. The Wayward Sleeper started to accelerate as if to chase the ship, but then the enemy assault carrier slipspaced “ jumped “ out of the system.

The intercom came on and the captain spoke, “ We have taken several injuries and we will momentarily slipspace to a nearby refitting vessel. ETA should be in thirty minutes.” The intercom clicked off.

Sighing Thomas went around turning off the camera screens, there would be nothing to see once they entered slipspace. The ship accelerated and jumped out of the system.

Thirty minutes later The Wayward Sleeper re-entered normal space. The intercom once more came to life “ We have sighted the refitting vessel and we will be docking there soon. Prepare to take a few of your personal belongings and as you exit the ship momentarily.”
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The ship suddenly decelerated and then stopped all together as the ship “ parked “ inside the repair vessel. There were four loud thumps as the repair vessel’s mechanical arms attached to The Wayward Sleeper, keeping it in place.

Blue team quickly gathered up their weapons and headed out the door in full armor. They walked through several passageways and than stopped at a huge elevator located between to miniature armories. They entered the elevator and they quickly descended to the lobby deck. They exited the elevator and quickly walked on the metal bridge connected from the Refit Vessel The Armored Hull to The Wayward Sleeper.

* * *

Several hours had gone by and the ship was still being repaired. Chief Petty Officer Spartan R-017 Thomas watched techs, engineers, and scientists as they ran around welding metal plates to different areas on the ship.

Another hour went by and then Blue Team got the news that The Wayward Sleeper had finished its repair and it would be ready to leave in several minutes. They rounded up their weapons they had brought down and headed back towards the ship.

An hour later the whole crew had reassembled back in the ship and they were ready to take off. The refitting vessel’s four mechanical arms retracted and The Wayward Sleeper started to move forward. The ship picked up speed and then jumped into slipspace.

It didn’t take long before the ship finally exited slipspace and continued its routine patrol check.

Then all of a sudden the ship emergency alarm rang, along with a small click as the intercom went on. “ All men to your battle stations. Enemy Exiled carrier and destroyer sighted. Prepare to repel the borders.” Blue Team’s personal COM came on and the captain spoke to them directly, “ You heard the announcement blue team, boarding crafts have been sighted and it is up to you to repel our borders.” The COM went silent.

“ You heard the Captain, lets move out!” the Chief ordered.
Thomas grabbed a nearby MA5C Assault Rifle, checked its ammo, and grabbed six more extra clips. He then went and picked up an M6G Pistol and grabbed four extra clips for it. The others all selecting their own weapons and grabbing extra clips and grenades. They then left their room and headed up the elevator to the command level deck. They reached the deck and decided to quickly patrol it in case of any Exiled that had gotten there already. They searched it, but finding nothing they continued down the stairs to the next deck.

After several seconds of walking they heard the familiar sounds of battle coming from a door not to far away from them on their left side. Thomas quickly signaled for the rest of blue team to position themselves around the door. Thomas knelt by the door and then sensing his presence the door slid open. He quickly swept the room to find a squad of marines hunkered down in a corner firing at another small group of Brutes in the opposite corner.

Peter quickly fired off a single shot from his S2 AM Sniper Rifle. The bullet penetrated one of Brute’s skull shattering it and sending pieces of his brain all over the place. Thomas and Michael quickly followed with sustained bursts from their rifles. The armor piercing rounds tore through the Brutes’ flesh leaving none of them alive.

“ Thank god you Spartans got here in time! We would never had made it if you guys hadn’t gotten here.” one of the marines said.

Thomas nodded and they headed out the door to search the rest of the deck.

Blue Team continued down the corridor when all of a sudden they heard a big explosion. Then came the steady staccato sound of an assault rifle followed by the shrill wines from the Exileds’ own rifles. Three marines ran out from a nearby passageway guns firing. A plasma bolt hit one of them in the shoulder and he went down screaming. Blue Team moved forward an let loose a hailstorm of bullets down on the enemy Brutes that had been attacking the marines. Three Brutes fell immediately, bullets riddling their body. One of the brutes fired off his needler and the tiny needles stuck to one of the marines. He screamed for a second before the needles detonated and his chest was torn apart pilling his intestines all over the floor. The last marine screamed and turned to run, but was shot in the back of his neck and he fell to the ground. Michael ran forward his shotgun firing pumping lead into the Brutes’ stomach. Two Brutes fell clutching their torn chests, blood seeping in between their fingers. With the last of the Brutes gone they policed the weapons and then moved on to the marines’ bodies. Thomas registered the marines’ names under KIA: P. Cornelius, PFC Laurey, and CPL. Ortego. After he registered their names he motioned the team to move forward. The team came upon a squadron of Jackals standing around talking to each other. Peter crept forward and aimed his sniper rifle at the group of Jackals. There were three loud cracks and three Jackals fell to the ground blood pouring out from their fragile skulls. Peter quickly ejected the clip and slapped in a fresh one. Michael and Jessica walked in front of Peter providing covering fire from their assault rifles. The Jackals instantly put up their shields deflecting the armor piercing rounds shot at them. This was a good tactic against a bullet assault but against Valerie’s amazing grenade throwing skills this was bad. She lobbed a grenade at the wall behind the Jackals. It bounced off and landed right behind their backs. There was an explosion and four Jackals flew forward their backs grossly disfigured. The blast injured the other three Jackals and left them wide open to attack. Armor piercing rounds quickly tore through the last of the Jackals leaving pools of purple blood all over the place. The team quickly policed the weapons and headed down the stairs. The sound of MA5C automatic fire echoed through the halls as a group of marines fired upon a pair of Brutes and Captain overseers. Some rounds hit but most of them missed due to the fact that the brutes were hiding behind a huge piece of Titanium-A battle plating. Peter flattened himself along the edge of the corridor, inching his rifle out so he could get a better shot at the Brutes. He sighted one of the Brute’s arm and fired. The sniper round pierced the Brute’s arm and he stood up in pain. Peter quickly fired another shot at the Brute’s skull, killing it instantly.

The other Brutes roared and fired on Peter’s position. He ducked out of the way and the plasma bolts harmlessly hit the wall behind him. Thomas motioned for Michael to follow him, camo on, with his shotgun at the ready.

They sneakily walked around the edge of the corridor and to the Brutes hidden behind the Titanium-A plating. Once behind the Brutes, Thomas signaled Michael to step up behind the Captain. Thomas nodded and Michael opened fire with his shotgun. The shots punctured the Captain’s armor and then ripped away his flesh clean from his back. The Captain grunted and then fell to the ground dead. The other Brutes turned around in surprise and that was when Thomas opened fire. He casually swept over the group of Brutes with his MA5C assault. Most of the Brutes fell almost immediately, but one Brute managed to escape and the Brute fired upon Thomas with his plasma rifle. Thomas’s shields flared as the plasma washed over it. His suit’s internal temperature started to rise and he was forced to jump out of the line of fire. He brought his rifle up hard right under the Brute’s chin. The Brute staggered backward and then Thomas brought the rifle down breaking the Brute’s nose. He then dealt a roundhouse kick to the face and the Brute fell down. He placed the rifle by the Brute’s head and fired. Blood instantly splattered the ground around him and bits of brain got on him.

“ Thank god Blue Team, you guys got here just in time!” one of the marines stammered.

“ I am glad we could help.” and with that Thomas and the rest of Blue Team continued down the passageway.

* * *

Private First Class John Melendi knew exactly what had just hit the ship before an escape pod door blew open and his best friend Private Molenski was killed by covenant loyalist fire. PFC Melendi was right near the door when it exploded and the resulting shockwave from that explosion had pretty much knocked the sense out of him. He watched in a daze fashion as Pv. Molenski screamed and fell to the ground , and these huge human-like creatures dressed in green armor seemed to appear out of nowhere spraying the covenant loyalists with automatic fire from their MA5Cs.

The Exiled troops quickly fell down under the heavy assault from the green creatures.

One of them came up to Melendi and said “ Hey marine are you alright? Marine! Are you alright?”

Melendi not wanting to anger these strange green creatures answered with a quick nod.

“ Well whats your rank son?”

“ Uhhh…… Ppprivate Ffffirst Cllass Mellllendi……… uhh sir!”
“ Well hello there I am Chief Petty Officer Spartan R-017 Thomas.”

‘ Now I know what these green creatures are. They are those Spartan…… I believe they were called Blue Team.’ Melendi thought to himself.

“ Here son take this medicine it will help clear things up,” the Chief said handing Melendi a needle labeled “Shock Depressant”.

He took the needle, pulled up his right arm sleeve and inserted the needle in his skin. He winced slightly as he drove the needle several centimeters into his skin. He drained its contents into his bloodstream and then tossed the needle away from him.

The drug started to take affect instantly and Melendi slowly rose to his feet picking up his MA5C he had unconsciously dropped on the ground.

“ Uhh…… er… Blue Team do yall think I can follow you guys till we reach a destination where I can stop and get orders from a commanding officer?”

“ Sure PFC Melendi. Welcome to Blue Team!” Thomas said.

A sudden calm voice came over the COM “ Hello Blue Team this is the ship’s AI Long Voyage. There seems to be some problems by the engine room. We have managed to destroy the enemy ships, but the Captain ordered me to tell you that we cannot leave unless the engine room is secure. I will send a marker to your HUD Screen right now.”

A small flashing orange dot appeared up on Blue Team’s integrated Ship Map.

“ Good Luck Blue Team,” Long Voyage said.

Blue Team quickly checked their weapons and ammo, and finding everything in perfect condition they moved towards the elevator. They reached the elevator and pressed the button labeled ‘ Engineering Deck ‘. The elevator locks released and the casually descended to the Engineering Deck. The elevator stopped and the locks were engaged. The Chief motioned for radio silence and then brought his rifle up to bear. The elevator doors slid apart and Blue Team silently slipped out of the elevator. Thomas checked his ship map to find the easiest way to get to the flashing orange dot where they were supposed to go. He located a good route and closed his integrated ship map. He motioned for Michael to take the lead with his shotgun out. He then silently told everyone the route they were going to take by sending a link to their HUD Screen, highlighting the route in green. Four acknowledgement lights winked green and PFC Melendi nodded giving the signal that they were ready. The team walked up to their first four-way intersection. Michael gave the all clear and the team proceeded down the left corridor followed by a quick turn to the right. They followed that corridor till they came to another intersection. This time the team turned right and followed that corridor an estimated twenty meters and turned right again. They followed that path ten meters and then stopped right before they reached the next intersection. Once they turned right it would only be a couple of meters till they reached the Nav marker. They had to make sure that the corridor was clear of any enemies before they would proceed. Thomas motioned for Peter to have a look. Peter crept to the corner and then inched his fiber optic cable around the corner to check out the corridor. He came upon a group of Exiled troops consisting of seven Brutes and three Jackals. Peter brought the cable back and silently gave the report back to the team. Thomas gave out orders on how to approach this situation. Once the orders were given Thomas waited for some sort of acknowledgement. All four of the acknowledgement light winked on followed by a thumbs-up from Melendi.

Melendi crept up to the corner and lobbed a grenade that bounced off the opposite wall and landed right in the midst of the enemy. There was a loud boom followed by a few angry roars. Thomas nodded and Blue Team ran out from the cover of their wall weapons firing. Peter’s sniper rifle gave three sharp claps and the three Jackals crumbled to the ground, blood oozing out of their heads. Then there was the sharp clatter of assault rifle fire and three Brutes fell down, armor piercing rounds riddling their chest. Michael charged forward his shotgun at the ready. One of the Brutes lunged at him, but Michael quickly sidestepped and then pumped five shells full of bbs into the Brute’s back. Valerie and Melendi followed after Michael. Valerie dodged a few plasma shots and then emptied a clip from both of her two sub machine guns into the enemy Brute. Melendi lobbed another grenade that bounced off a dead Brute’s body and exploded right in another Brute’s face, killing it instantly. Thomas took care of the last Brute with short burst from his MA5C.

They quickly policed the weapons and moved the bodies to one side of the corridor. Thomas than ordered Peter, Jessica, and Michael to go check the Engineering Room to make sure everything was all right. Several minutes later they came back giving the all-clear signal. A few seconds later the Long Voyage came onto their COM “The Ship is clear and we are preparing to engage slipspace. Good Work Blue Team.”
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Halo: The Aftermath
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