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 Halo: The Battle of Epsilon Uranis IV

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PostSubject: Halo: The Battle of Epsilon Uranis IV   Sun Sep 02, 2007 8:51 pm

eh well this is something i cooked up when i am to bored to do anything but not to bored to keep on writing on my long term story... basically it is a short story.... wont be very long.... i guess this is kinda like an intro... this might be edited if i find something wrong... or i need to change something.... plz bear with me if the text size or style comes out weird... my comp is messed up at doin this stuff...again plz bear with me...well i guess here it is.. oh and dont flame me for the dates given...tryed to do my best... some of that will be edited over time and such... well i hope its interesting to read....

Chapter 1
Location: Above planet Epsilon Uranis IV onboard UNSC Frigate Falador
October 21, 2552

“ Red alert! Red alert! All hands evacuate station!” the speakers blared over the shrill sound coming from the red alarm lights. There was a sudden rumble and the ship shook violently.

‘ I don’t think the Falador can take much more of this’ thought Petty Officer First Class Nicholas Harding. The UNSC Frigate Falador had been in orbit around the planet Epsilon Uranis IV for several hours now fighting off the waves of covenant ships with only eight destroyers to back him up. By the looks of it this ship would break any second now.

“ All personnel please move to the life pods! Pods C-F are still operational! I repeat Pods C-F are still operational!” the speakers screamed.

Petty Officer Nicholas Harding was not going to crash land on Epsilon Uranis IV in some life pod, but gracefully land in his pelican dropship. He quickly holstered his M6C Magnum standard issue sidearm and jogged up to launch bay 07 where his dropship was being held. As he neared the doors leading to the launch boy he noticed that they had been locked. He quickly punched the override code and the doors slid soundlessly open. He jogged up to his pelican to find his copilot Petty Officer Second Class James Elsen already waiting in the copilot chair.

“What took you so long Nicholas? The war could’ve already ended in the time it took you to get here!” said James jokingly.

All Nicholas could muster was a brief sorry and he strapped himself in the pilot chair. He thumbed the ignition and the pelican’s port and starboard thrusters came to life with a sudden roar from their engines. The pelican lifted off the ground and hovered there for a few minutes. Nicholas gained remote access on the bay doors and activated the open switch. The doors slowly slid open and without the proper decompression procedures required to open the door the bay inside exploded outward. Nearby Longsword Interceptors and other pelicans were flung mercilessly out the bay door. Nicholas’s pelican violently shook as he tried to keep the pelican from being flung around like a doll in a tornado.

He finally stabilized the pelican and upped the engines power to 80%. The pelican cleared the bay door and zoomed out into the ocean of darkness in front of them. Nicholas turned off the portside thrusters and let his starboard thrusters turn them left to the huge planet looming before them. Once the pelican was angled perfectly Nicholas engaged all of the thrusters and the pelican lurched forward.

The planet in front of them soon started to get bigger and bigger as the dropship neared its destination. All of a sudden the pelican started to shake and thin red lines of fire started to envelop the outer skin of the pelican.

There was a violent rumble and then the pelican stabilized and continued down towards its destination. Nicholas looked out his cockpit window to see several life pods and H.E.V pods falling from the sky. All of a sudden small trails of plasma shot from the ground and arced up into the sky destroying two life pods and an H.E.V.

“ Damn! Covenant AA fire!” Nicholas cursed. “ Evasive action now!” The pelican quickly did a 360 to its portside narrowly avoiding a plasma bolt that would have melted their ship. It was hell. Several minutes later after dodging Covenant AA fire, right when Nicholas thought it was over, the Covenant fired off another round from their Anti-Air vehicles. Forty bolts of plasma seared through they sky impacting on life pods, H.E.Vs, and other sorts of dropships. Luckily Nicholas and his ship were far enough away from the main group that got hit. Even though he avoided the shots he had to bear watching as H.E.V pods were turned to ash, life pods being burned away, and pelicans being stripped of their armor till there was nothing but small pieces of molten metal. As the ash and debris cleared away Nicholas could only see a few surviving crafts, approximately eight life pods, twelve H.E.Vs, two pelicans, and one albatross. The surviving crafts as well as Nicholas’s dropship was now to close for the Covenant AA vehicles to fire another salvo, they were safe for now.
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Halo: The Battle of Epsilon Uranis IV
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