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 Operation: Keep in Tack

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PostSubject: Operation: Keep in Tack   Thu Aug 16, 2007 3:45 pm

Military Calander 2550, August 9)12:36

Urundis Duran system

Planet: Urundis

City: Havana(Capital)
Chapter 1
Sgt. Lipster had just awaken. It's been three days since the nearby planet, Farlan had been glassed. Ever since then the Covenant had not come close, except for some Probe Ships that came by every so often. Our Longsword figher/bombers made short work of them. Were worried that this long wait means that the Covenant are building up a large force. We've evacutated the civiliins to Havana, with has been created into more of a Fortress than the city it had been. "Sgt. Lipster, we've got a report from the Fleet, there saying there reading slipspace ruptures off the scales," reported Lance Corpral Vertoli."Thats bad for us," said Lipster."No kidding," replied Vertoli. The fleet only conprised of 8 ships, The UNSC Ace of Spades commanding cruiser, the UNSC frigates Mead, Japan, Henderson, Bad Luck, Yorktown, Wheat, and Double Fear. There's no why the fleet would stand a chance. Sgt. Lipster was about to say a command to Vertoli when the sirens went off. "Get to your pistions"yelled Sgt. Lipster. Lipster ran out of his makeshift barracks and saw why the sirens where going of. It appeared that the covenant were sending down thousands of dropships. Theres gotta be hundreds of covenant soldiers in those. We don't have enough manpower to fight that size of an invasion force. "Micthel, get that radio over here", said Lipster. "Uhh, yes, sir" replied Micthel." This is Sgt. Lipster, can any one read me, over"."This is the Ace of Spades, go on",said Captain Van Tyne. "We've got over whelming enemy forces, recommend evac", said Lipster." Requst Granted' sending dropships now". Sgt. Lipster gave the radio back and started to the Marine Platoon gaurding the East entrance. They had an assortment of weapons including MA5B's, BR, and more. Blue Plasma bulges started to come down in the 'Fortress' and buildings disentigrated all over the base. The first wave of 30 Dropships started diending into Havana. There were supported with Longsword Fighter/Bomers and Shortsword Bombers. The Longsword and Shortsword started bombarding the Covenant forces, but more Covevant forces just took there place. It seemed hopeless intill the first dropships droped off three Warthogs and two Scorpian Tanks. Sgt. Lipster shouted a command for the Engineers to stand by in case of a vehicle getting damaged. Marines pilled into the Warthogs and Scorpian Tanks. Civilins got into the Pelican Dropships.All of the civilins had got into the pelicans leaving 10 left, just enough to take most of the marines back the ships. Only 30 marines were left and were ordered by Sgt. Lipster to create a Phalanx so that the marines could fire in all directions without getting disorganized execpt the marines in the vehicles." Sgt. Lipster, what do we do, were completely surrounded" yelled a paniced marine."What we do is leave them a present the'll regret" said Lipster. When the second group of Dropships arrived only 15 marines were left. Both Scorpian Tanks had been destroyed including the warthogs. The marines pilled in and Sgt. Lipster had deployed a TacNuke set for 30 seconds. Lipster picked up a plasma gernade and throw it at a group of grunts. stickied grunt "Do you think these pelicans can get outa here before the TacNuke exploeds"questioned Lipster."We'll see" said the calm pilot. Back down on the ground the Covenant were pilling in. By now, Havana was completely over run by Grunts, Jackels, Elites, Huntersand Wraiths. An unfortunate grunt walked over to the TacNuke and stared at the numbers counting down. 19, 18, 17. The grunt looked at buttons on the TacNuke and said, "Whats the catch,......oh well", and closed his eyes and cliked a random button." TacNuke imeedite detonation engaged, engaged, engaged."" I wonder what that means" said a confused grunt. nova bomb

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PostSubject: Re: Operation: Keep in Tack   Thu Aug 16, 2007 4:15 pm

oh, good but can the chapters be longer? If not ok.
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PostSubject: Re: Operation: Keep in Tack   Thu Aug 16, 2007 5:18 pm

hmm yes not bad.... this thread will now be locked...plz open a discussion thread in the Fan Fic discussion section..

P.S. PM me when u are ready to update this fan fic Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Operation: Keep in Tack   

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Operation: Keep in Tack
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