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 cong dung yen sao

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PostSubject: cong dung yen sao   Mon Jul 25, 2011 10:14 pm

Viec ngam no va chung to yen kha don gian,
nguoi tieu dung hoan toan co the tu lam. Sau khi ngam no neu de trong tu lanh,
yen sao co the bao quan den 10 ngay. Ngam
to yen trong nuoc de co the lay long chim va
cac tap chat khac dinh trong to yen, cac
loai to khac nhau se co thoi gian ngam khac nhau, thuong thi ngam 3 gio tro len.
To cang co chat luong tot thi doi hoi thoi gian ngam lau hon. Sau khi ngam kich
thuoc to se lon hon rat nhieu so voi truoc khi ngam. Loai
yen sao tu nhien thuong co lan tap chat va
long chim, do do ta nen su dung dong nuoc chay va nhip de lam sach to.
Dung Cu:
01 cai ray, duong kinh khoang 20 cm, lo nho vua phai
01 cai nhip can dai, dau nhip nho
01 cai dia nong long, mau trang
01 chen nuoc nho
01 thau/chau
Cach thuc hien:
Dau tien ngam no to yen trong nuoc khoang
300C. Khi ngam can luu y nuoc phai ngap to yen de to yen hut du luong nuoc can
Dung nhip de lay sach long chim va tap chat ra khoi
to yen. Neu yen van con nguyen to, quy khach
tach thanh tung soi, sau do cho yen vao ray, dat ray vao to nuoc dung muong
khuay nhe dong thoi nhac len nhac xuong long to yen se theo nuoc ra ngoai. Thay
nuoc 4-5 lan quy khach se co to yen trang sach.
Vot to yen da sach ra khoi nuoc de mot luc
cho rao.
nuoc yen
Dung hai noi co kich thuoc khac nhau de chung to yen. Cho mot it nuoc soi de
nguoi vao noi nho - do day nuoc vao noi lon cho
to yen da lam sach vao noi nho dun lua nho.
Thoi gian chung tuy thuoc vao loai to neu chung qua lau, to yen se rat mem va de
nat vun.mua yen sao
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cong dung yen sao
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