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 to yen chung duong phen

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PostSubject: to yen chung duong phen   Wed Jul 20, 2011 11:51 am

Duoc si Phan Duc Binh hoi Duoc hoc Viet Nam
Yen sao hay to chim yen la loai thuc pham tu
lau da duoc xep vao hang “cao luong my vi”. The nhung no bo duong nhu the nao ma
gia ban lai dat nhu vang?
Yen sao (con duoc goi la
to yen, hai yen, yen thai, quan yen) la to
cua loai chim yen bien. Co may loai yen thuoc ho vu yen Apodidae cho to an duoc:
Collocalia linchi Horsfi.; C. innominata Hume.; C. francia merguiensis Hart.; C.
francica germaini Oustalet…
Cac loai chim yen song o hai dao doc bien, tu Quang Binh den Ha Tien. Than nho,
canh dai nhon, duoi ngan, mo cong. Long duoi va long canh co mau den hay xam,
bung mau trang. Chim yen to co tren duoi 10g. Yen bay rat khoe, thuong kiem an
tren mat nuoc. Chim yen lam to tren cac vach da cheo leo hiem tro va lam to bang
nuoc mieng cua chung.
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to yen chung duong phen
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