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 [size=18][b]Alien V.S. Covenant Part 3: REINFORCEMENTS [/b][

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PostSubject: [size=18][b]Alien V.S. Covenant Part 3: REINFORCEMENTS [/b][   Mon Aug 06, 2007 9:52 pm

ya i know, its supposed to be the last one. but i couldn't fit everything into the last part s im gunna make another 1. comments, please.

How many dead in the other squads?” asked Vostic. “Twelve” replied their COM operator. They had been sitting there waiting four the last hour and a half. Waiting for an engineer to finish unlocking a heavily reinforced security door. “Done” announced the engineer. The whole squad looked up. “In thirty seconds” he finished. They all got back down. “Everyone get ready!” yelled Vostic. “Whoever locked this door went through a lot of trouble to do it. So whatever’s on the other side of this door is probably very strong.” The squad readied up. The door opened, and they all went through.
“Ship inbound Shipmaster” said the sensor operator.

“What type of ship?” asked Morvak.

“It’s one of ours.” The Covenant frigate Constrictor appeared on the view screen, SHIPCOM crackled on: “To the covenant destroyer Punisher, we have been sent here by the glorious Prophets to reinforce your battle against these demonic Hell Hounds.” Morvak snarled at the Jiralhanae image onscreen. Why would the Prophets send Jiralhanae to assist them with this holy task? “Jiralhanae Shipmaster, come aboard.”

The crew heard a loud thud as the boarding craft made contact with the vessel. The pack chieftain Cartucus, stepped out, he was in full chieftain ceremonial dress: Headdress, standard Jiralhanae armor, and a Brute Shot. The rest of his Jiralhanae filed out all carrying red plasma rifles. They soon reached the other squad.

The medical supervisor walked into the infirmary and immediately saw the horrible sight. The whole infirmary was a disaster! Trays were knocked over, medical tanks were destroyed, and several med bots lay broken across the floor. One of them crawled over to him its flat mechanical voice spoke. “Unkno-o-own biological en-n-nity called Hel-ll-l Hounds sighted in-nn-n infirmary. Contact with secu-rr-ity failed. System-mm-m failure shutting doowwwwnnnnnn.” The supervisor looked to the med bays. Each one of the dead or injured Sangheili had a gaping hole in their chests, and their rooms plasma windows were splattered with their glistening blue blood. He knew he had to warn security. He turned to leave only to find himself face to face with one of the creatures the Shipmaster called “Hell Hounds”. He tried to scream, but before he could, the creature opened its mouth and a small second mouth appeared were its tongue should have been. It bite his four-jawed maw, and the supervisor could feel his body turning cold. He suddenly felt limp, and tired. He wanted nothing more than to sleep.

“So Morvak, I see the prophets have been keeping you busy investigating useless, demon stricken vessels.” said the Jiralhanae shipmaster as he entered the Punisher’s bridge. “Actually” replied Morvak. “We found it by accident on an important recon mission.” Morvak stared down the Jiralhanae Shipmaster. They both had a look of pure hatred in their eyes. If it weren’t for the holy Prophets they would be ripping each other apart right now.

Vostic watched in disgust as the Jiralhanae pack approached his squad. “Vostic, I see the Prophets have you going on suicide missions.”

“Cartucus, how’s that scar healing?” Vostic saw the look on his face go from taunting joy, to unadulterated hate. When they were young, Vostic and Cartucus once got in a fight with each other involving a toy they both wanted. Both of them had sharp pieces of metal and Vostic had given Cartucus a deep scar along the rim of his eye. “It’s healing better than you’ll be!” just then he lunged at Vostic and Vostic started at him, but their men got a hold of each of them before they could kill each other.

Listor entered the infirmary followed by his security team. When they got in they were shocked at what they saw: four bodies , each with gaping holes in their chests, medical equipment scattered and broken across the floor and med bots lying on the ground destroyed. They slowly swept through the room, carbines and plasma rifles in hand, looking for what did this. They found nothing until one of them looked up to see a Hell Hound hanging from the ceiling, staring at him. He tried to scream, but the words wouldn’t come. Another Sangheili noticed it and fired its carbine. The beast simply took the shots and turned on the one with the carbine. It jumped at him and was met with a barrage of plasma. It fell mid-flight, and landed on the ground, dead. They searched the room again, much more thoroughly, and found nothing.

“Thank you Listor, I’ll inform him at once.” said the COM operator on the bridge. “Shipmaster, it appears that the security team sent to investigate the infirmary, has found and killed a Hell Hound. They say four bodies that were used as carriers were found.” When Morvak heard this his face turned grey with worry. The other Shipmaster could not see his face through his armor, but could still see his emotion. “Something wrong Morvak?” he asked tauntingly. “You seem a bit worried.” A large grin went across the old Jiralhanae’s face as he basked in the Sangheili’s deep worry. “Yes, yes there is actually.” replied Morvak. The other Shipmaster looked with a smile on his ape-like face. “I was just thinking” He continued. “ That, well, if that thig makes it to the shuttle craft, it’ll get to your ship, and your men.” The other Shipmaster’s smile disappeared.

“What is that?” said a Sangheili with a plasma rifle.

“I don’t know” replied Vostic. “But we have to kill it.” The creature looked like all of the other Hell Hounds, but this one was bigger. Much bigger. It had a hook shaped head and a sharp edged tail. It was also moe skeletal than the other Hell Hounds. “We’ll call it the Queen.”


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PostSubject: Re: [size=18][b]Alien V.S. Covenant Part 3: REINFORCEMENTS [/b][   Tue Aug 07, 2007 3:34 pm

once again i like it.
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[size=18][b]Alien V.S. Covenant Part 3: REINFORCEMENTS [/b][
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