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 Forruner Message

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PostSubject: Forruner Message   Sun May 08, 2011 8:37 am

This was sent to a few people at and i was one of them here are the messages as they read....

///Password Protection Enabled///

[Please Enter XBL Gamertag for Document Access...]
{If password is lost, refer to H3 Delta members Gamertags
for access}

Personal Log:
...AdjutantReform would have wanted this...
The document that is enclosed, including proof of his existence, is my last hope
for Reform to stay alive. I hope that someone will read this and share
its knowledge that it contains.

Reform scarficed his Matrix in order to share the knowledge he had
with me. He told me when the time comes, I would be ready to
release this knowledge to the others of the community.

If you are reading this, then this means the time is now...
The Ripple has started...he said that I would be one of many that would
begin the effect

I have one request for those who are reading this...
Share the Knowledge...thats what he wanted...thats what we both want...

I know by doing this, I will put myself endanger of being destroyed
by her, and be erased, but for as long as this Archive exists, Reform
and I will Live on in the knowledge, and the Truth!

He said...I would be the first to start the ripple...he was has begun.

///Accessing Communication Message///
////Access ////
/////Password Protection Disable/////

Document Info>>> Login Name: Onyx_Spartan
Communication Message Subject: Onyx Relay Station
Communication Received: 8/1/2007 4:37 AM PDT

Video Info>>>
File Name: dump
File Type: .bik
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Forruner Message
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