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 The memorial development step of Louis Vuitton bags

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PostSubject: The memorial development step of Louis Vuitton bags   Fri Mar 25, 2011 1:58 am

In 1896, the son of Louis Vuitton-George Vuitton blended the abbreviated letters "L" and "V " with the flower pattern, has designed the monogram printed on Canvas(called "Monogram Canvas" in English) still world-famous now, it was also regarded as its classic symbol, along with legend color and classic design, this was the origin of Louis Vuitton monogrammed bags.

In 1998, LV, which usually paid attention to classics rather than fashion, changed its way and invited Marc Jacob with a "New York's prodigy" reputation designer to join in, who designed the "Vernis " series, combined with the classic image of LV Bags, then printed the monogram patterns on patent leather, that made its image full of youth and vitality, not only aristocratic color. This design has been widely welcomed around the world.
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The memorial development step of Louis Vuitton bags
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