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 Business Fraud Prevention Advice

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PostSubject: Business Fraud Prevention Advice   Fri Mar 11, 2011 2:22 am

Senior management are faced with making serious financial decisions on a daily basis. Getting one of these wrong can mean the company is the victim of a scam artist either externally through a customer or possibly by a new employee.

Every business owner whether they be a small or medium sized business should have an anti-fraud strategy in place across the organisation. This should cover best practices for employees to follow to prevent fraud from occurring externally and also have strict policies that employees should follow when carrying out their work. The latter will aid a business when they are dealing with an employee who attempts to deny that they were unaware what they were doing was wrong or that they were trying to rip off the company.

A point to be made there is that most employers will implement a fraud strategy to protect the business from outside the business but don't consider unscrupulous behaviour of employees who can rob you blind. As cash flow is important for every business particularly in these difficult economic times businesses need to protect themselves from those who are willing to de-fraud their employers with their scams.

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Business Fraud Prevention Advice
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