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 Rhapsody No. 1

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Kig 'Yar
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PostSubject: Rhapsody No. 1   Fri Mar 11, 2011 12:23 am

Rhapsody No. 1, Sz. 87, BB 94 is the first of two folk dances for violin and orchestra written by Béla Bartók. It was written in 1928 and dedicated to Hungarian virtuoso violinist Joseph Szigeti, a close friend of Bartók.

The piece draws its stylistic elements from the Czardas, the national dance of Hungary. A major characteristic of the Czardas is the alternation of slow and fast sections and so this piece was written in two movements: the first movement named Lassú (the slow movement) and the second movement named Friss (the fast movement). The title, 'Rhapsody', is a reference to the dramatic contrasts between the movements.

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Rhapsody No. 1
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