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 d lived with the Jefferson household fo

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PostSubject: d lived with the Jefferson household fo   Wed Mar 09, 2011 3:13 am

er 1785, Jefferson collaborated by mail with John Adams in London to outline an anti-piracy treaty with Morocco. [37][38] Their work culminated in a treaty that was ratified by Congress on 18 July 1787 and is still in force today, making it the longest unbroken treaty relationship in U.S. history. [39]
He enjoyed the architecture, arts, and the salon culture of Paris. He often dined with many of the city's most prominent people, but sided with the revolutionaries in 1789 French Revolution.[40][41] While in Paris, Jefferson corresponded with a number of individuals who had important roles in events leading up to the French Revolution. These included marquis de Lafayette and comte de Mirabeau, a popular pamphleteer who repeated ideals that had been the basis for the American Revolution. [42][43]
Jefferson brought some of his slaves to serve the household, including James Hemings for training as a French chef. After his youngest daughter died, he requested that a young woman slave accompany his daughter Polly to France. Sally Hemings was sent with Polly, and lived with the Jefferson household fo

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d lived with the Jefferson household fo
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