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 Advantages of Pick N Mix Marijuana Seeds

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PostSubject: Advantages of Pick N Mix Marijuana Seeds   Tue Mar 08, 2011 4:51 pm

Problems with Conventional Seed Packets

Conventional seed packs can be expensive, especially when planning to grow only one or two plants. Marijuana seeds do not keep well unless they are kept under specific conditions to ensure the seed stays dormant right before it is planted. Taking advantage of expensive seed packets may be wasted when growing because they may also contain male plants which could cause the crop to be lower quality if the bud producing females are pollinated. The seeds are extra difficult to remove from pollinated buds and can cause problems in smoking through a pipe or rolling for smoking. Conventional seed packs may cost a lot for only a few seeds when you need only one. Choosing one on its own essentially lowers the costs of purchasing seeds.

Pick N Mix Marijuana Seeds

The pick n mix concept comes from the popular candy shops which offer a variety of candies in any amount you would want. The pick n mix Marijuana seeds work the same way. Seeds are priced individually and this allows for a more personalized selection of seeds to deal with rather than a selection of seeds from a single cultivar. The pick n mix options are great as "samplers" which allow a grower to sample many different plants before they choose to grow a large crop of a single variety cultivar. The pick n mix also allows those with medical conditions to try many different options to find one that helps them the most with their aches, pains and disorders.

Improved Yields with Pick N Mix

Pick n mix options are now offered in many different ways. One of the options is with feminized seeds. This is a genetic trick which makes the parent female plant only produce seeds that are female so than no males occur in the next generation. Male plants affect the quality of the buds when they are produced by contaminating the female buds with the male pollen. The pollen then causes the bud to seed which makes the bud much more difficult to smoke and enjoy. The possibilities for growers to skip this tragedy can be done with pick n mix varieties.

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Advantages of Pick N Mix Marijuana Seeds
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