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 The basic patterns are alternate

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PostSubject: The basic patterns are alternate   Wed Mar 02, 2011 9:45 am

The basic patterns are alternate, opposite, whorled or spiral. With an alternate pattern, leaves switch from side to side. An alternate distichous phyllotaxis means that each leaf growing at a single node is disposed in a single rank along the branch (such as in grasses). In an opposite pattern, two leaves grow in opposite directions from the same node. In an opposite pattern, if successive leaf pairs are perpendicular, this is called decussate. A whorled pattern consists of three or more leaves at each node. An opposite leaf pair can be thought of as a whorl of two leaves. A whorl can occur as a basal structure where all the leaves are attached at the base of the shoot and the internodes are small or nonexistent. A basal whorl with a large number of leaves spread out in a circle is called a rosette. A multijugate pattern is a spiral composed of whorls. The pattern has also been observed to emerge in at least one animal cell (the red blood cell), during processes that perturb cellular fluid dynamics

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The basic patterns are alternate
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