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 "The Crown Prince

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PostSubject: "The Crown Prince    Mon Feb 28, 2011 6:39 am

"The Crown Prince and Princess shared the outlook of the Progressive Party, and Bismarck was haunted by the fear that should the old Emperor die--and he was now in his seventies--they would call on one of the Progressive leaders to become Chancellor. He sought to guard against such a turn by keeping the Crown Prince from a position of any influence and by using foul means as well as fair to make him unpopular."[5]
However, his illness prevented him from effectively establishing policies and measures to achieve this, and such moves as he was able to make were later abandoned by his son and successor, William II.
The timing of Frederick's death and the length of his reign are important topics among historians. The reign of Frederick III is considered a potential turning point in German history;[6] many historians believe that if Frederick had succeeded to the throne sooner and/or lived longer, he would have transformed Germany into a liberal state. They argue this would have averted the events preceding World War I. Other historians contend that Frederick's influence and political leanings were greatly exaggerated, noting that he tended to defer to his father and Bismarck when confronted, and arguing that he would not have dared to challenge Bismarck's conservative policies even as ruler. They further argue that 19th-century Germany was a deeply conservative nation and would have opposed the implementation of liberal policies.

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"The Crown Prince
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