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 How to get Sponsorship (tut)

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PostSubject: How to get Sponsorship (tut)   Fri Feb 25, 2011 3:43 pm

Are you tired of spamming 232342 different places to get a legit sponsorship. GameSponorz is a legit sponsor site. They will sponsor you, your clan, or your friends. Sponsorships look Great when going to tournaments, and make your look even better with your friends. You can brag about how you are sponsored by a site like Gamesponsorz. Gamesponsorz looks for not the best of the best, but the best that can help bring more traffic. If you think you are the one to do that, then stop on in and get sponsored fast! GS hires 80% of people who apply, so you are almost guarantied to get sponsored.

Some FAQ:
---How do you get sponsored with GS?---
To become sponsered you must join all the sponsored sites, and send the owners a message. Then you contact us stating so. We will check in once we recieved confermation on it.
---What is so good about being sponsered?---
Well sponsorship is to shop how good you are, the more sponsors the better.
---What do i have to do to get sponsored?---
All you have to do is advertise us, gain us members, and you will get rewarded.

So if you are interested in getting sponsored fast, then check GS out.


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How to get Sponsorship (tut)
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