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 Hover Tree offensive

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PostSubject: Hover Tree offensive   Wed Aug 01, 2007 5:44 pm

NOTE:This will not make sense unless you have seen the hover tree topic in the Halo Wars forums.
Chapter 1:200

Commander Driftwood was tense. If he wa going to acheie victory, he would have to demonstrate shocking force in a fast moving offencive. He currently onlly had 2500 hover tree units on standby, ready to launch, supported by 50 bark bombers.

A peice of bark opened begind him, and general evergreen came floating in. The commander saluted him with his biggest branch. "At ease Driftwood." And the commander lowered his branch. We have recieved intel that the tree huggers have engaged the enemy at this location, and have acheived victory, but the damage was to them mostly, and if we don't launch a releif force there soon, they will be wiped out. The general paused, "I'm going to need 200 of your most skilled floaters", the commander hesitated,"Sir, I'm low on trees as it is, I'm planning on using those hover trees to spearhead the assult and strike a blow at Dean's lumbridge to cripple the industrialists army, and protect the bulk of my force's flank."

"I'm sorry Driftwood, but I must have those 200 men, those tree-huggers are vital to our cause, and we will link up with you at the industrists capital, but until then, I'm gana have to take these trees." The commander took a deep breath and anwsered,"Alright, I will give you the 200 men, but I'm gana need them for the final battle at Yank's woodcutting co., assuming I get that far."

Evergreen anwsered,"Good, I will leave around noon, have those men ready", and with that, he turned and left the room.

Driftwood sighed and touched down to the fround, a sign of pure exaghstion for hover trees, this was gana be harder than he had imagined.
Chapter 2:Tree huggers

General evergreen and his 300 trees along with commander Driftwood's 200 elites, had been floating for about 150 miles now, and were aproaching Tree hugger's position.
"Sir, our scouts report that they have sighted the enemy 1 mile down, and they seem to have around 400 industrialists." a tree said.
The generals advisor turned to him and said "Sir, we should keep moving until we can find Tree hugger and his men, or we could sustain severe losses in the battle."

"Is there any report on Tree hugger's location?" No the soldier answered. "But we will keep looking."
Tell the men not to engage until further notice, we must move at a distance to avoid being spotted." Evergreen said.

Meanwhile, back at the national forest, Commander Driftwood was under attack.
Chapter 3:Attack

Commader driftwood was trying to rally the troops, unsuccessfully. Everyone was in a panic, ammo and supply dumps went up in flames along with their new leaf-line communication systems.

"Sir, every tree in the entire base is in panic, I've gathered the ones that have kept their cool and are waiting for your orders." said Driftwood's assistant. "Thank you" He sighed, "My orders are to assemble them at this position." He pointed to a spot on the map,"It seems to be the place that that they have launched their attacks from, it's not much, but it's the closest thing we have to an industrialists base."

"Who will lead the attack?" His assistant asked. "I will, I want to set an example for these panicking trees, and allow them to regain their will to fight." Driftwood announced to his assistant.

"Of course, I will assemble the trees right away, we should be ready by mid-day." "Good, I want to hit them right before they attack, catch them off gaurd." Driftwood said. "Just one more thing McFloaty, I want a report on how many trrops we have, and what types." "I don't have the specifics, but I will lead you to them to see for yourself." McFloaty answered. "That should do, bring me to them."

* * *

General evergreen had rendevous with treehugger and all of his 100 men, but the industrialists were advancing on their position with better equipment. "Men," The general announced. "There are 400 well equipped industrialists moving towards us, and you will be in battle before dawn. I know you are confident that we will prevail, and so do I, but I know you worry about loosing your life for the cost of victory." Several trees hovered in approval.

"I would not worry about this, for your lives will ensure the end to the industialists, to our land bound fathers, and to the entire planet as a whole." He paused,"It is something to die for, our history that all of you know very well.

In the year 2035 there was a glitch in halo wars, and one tree was set appart from all the others. It was cght in the act of floating, and no member fo the UNSC could found out how it could be a natural occurance. The studied it, and named it Bob. Bob then came alive and had seeds.

His seeds didn't bury themselves in the dirt, they floated. Soon an entire army decended from Bob, and fought for the UNSC. After winning the battle, hover trees declared independance from humans, and demanded more rights for trees to preserve them. Ignoring our deeds to humanity, the industialists attacked us to silence the acts, and now we are in this war."

"Today, remember why we fight, to presrve not only ourselves and our ancestors, but every world in this universe. Without us, there would be no them. Remember our cause, and do not be afraid to give your lives in battle today!" And with that, Evergreen ended his speech. The trees started clapping, and thought about what he said.

He entered the tree tent. "Ok Hoverbark, what do you have for me." "Sir" he replied,"The industialists don't seem to notice our presence, so we will have the anvantage of suprise." "They will attack our position in 4 hours, we have caught all their scouts beofre they could report any information." "Excelent" The general reported. "I want commander livelyoak in command of our left flank, have him bring it around to enclose the enemy force in a semi-circle, then have commander Birchfloater push against them with the rest of the force all along this front, led by a strike to the heart of the force by Redwood with the 200 elite floaters I got from Driftwood." As he aid this he showed it all on the map with a long stick.

"Yes sir," his assistant responed. "I hope this all goes well.
Chapter 4:No end in sight

"Sir!" McFloaty saluted. "The industrialist base is sloppy. They are unorganized, and not ready yet, their troops are scattered around the base preparing." McFloaty said. Driftwood listened intently. McFloaty continued,"Thier ammo and supply dumps are ungaurded and if detonated could wipe out half the base, if there was a perfect hour to attack, this is it." he finished. Driftwood sighed and didn't look up from the map. "McFloaty, my troops arn't ready yet, could you give me an estimation on how long this opening will be open?" He looked at McFloaty in the eyes and he stuttered."I-I'm-I uh, can't tell you sir, the scouts were getting more and more exposed, so I withdrew them."\

"Well then we will have to wait for 2 hours as my trees prepare themselves." Driftwood said rather rudely, and resumed what he was doing. McFloaty hovered away with a bit of a temper.

"Calm down, he's just stressed" He said to himself. He sighed. They were all like this.

* * *

"General Evergreen!" An officer shouted. "We need to get you out of here right now! Treehugger dropships are en-route to pick you up right now." He said with a bit of a panic. "We just recieved word that industrailist heavy chainsaw battalians have attacked us from the rear, and cut right through our right flank. We now have 300 enemy soldiers advanving on our position as we speak."

Evergreen was stunned.

He gulped. "How many did we loose?" He asked nervously.

"Nearly everyone, Sir." He paused,"The rest have broke ranks and fled, we have 100 trees that have fallen back to this position, and 20 serviving elite floaters."

Evergreen closed his eyes and opened again, as if it were just a dream. It wasn't. "Do we have enough drop ships to extract all of our trees?" He asked nervously. "Yes, but one soldier must stayu behind, there is not enough room." The general looked up.

"That one soldier will be me."

"Sir!" the officer protested. "You are to get on that ship, and make sure no one is left behind, I stay because I owe it to the fallen floaters that flat no more because of a poor leader." Evergreen said. "Sir, please." He begged,"There are soldiers willing to stay behind.

"No!" He said in a loud, deep voice. "You have your orders, now go, you are in charge now. Take these soldiers home, back to the national forest."

The officer refused, but Evergreen gave him a cold, wooden stare. "Yes Sir!" He said.

Evergreen walked out of the base, and tried to enjoy his last minutes alive.

Chapter 5:Commander Driftwood

Driftwood hovered low along with his fellow floaters in a bush, watching the unknowing industrialists.

"Sir," McFloaty wispered. "Everyone is in place, sir. Scouts report that the charges are armed." "Good, tell Jacksonfloat that he is to move up behind me, I have point." Driftwood said.

"Yessir" McFloaty responded. After Driftwood saw McFloaty give the order to the the sarge, he gave the signal.

Suddenly thousands of razor sharp leaves flew towards the enemy in a swarm. The industrialists dropped their weapons and ran, so driftwood gave his battlecry and ran towards the enemy. Seconds later hundreds apon hundreds of trees hovered towards the enemy at a terrifying rate, nearly .3 MPH.

"Sir, the industrialists have retreated to the ammo dumps, Sir." McFloaty said.

"Then give the order!" Driftwood said with triumph. Suddenly there was a flash of light, followed by fire and the sound of screaming men burning to death. It was what they deserved, Driftwood thought to himself and was no longer disturbed by their pain.

* * *

Hours had gone by, and the enemy had fallen back to the command post that had not been damaged by the explosion. The enemy had been able to hold here and have not been broken for hours, and Driftwood was worried that his forces would take too many losses.

"McFloaty, do we have any more bark bombers left?" "No sir, they all went up when HollowWood airfield was attacked." McFloaty answered.

Driftwood sighed, this was the critical moment, and he had no options left except for numbers. "Pull back all units, regroup at this location." He pointed to a spot on the map. "But sir, if we keep the preasure up they wil crack." McFloaty protested. "We have kept the preasure up for hours, and they show no signs of breaking. Pull them back to this location to prevent reinfocements from coming, let them attack us."

"Yes sir, I'll get right on it." McFloaty said, and with that he turned and levetated away.

There was a hum approaching them. McFloaty stopped, and Driftwood looked up from his map. 25 Pelican dropships zipped over their heads and unloaded their missles and machine guns on the command center. Bulets and missles streaked through the air cutting through enemy lines and sending them running, getting cut down along their way.

"It's Evergreen!" McFloaty shouted. "All units, charge!" Driftwood said over comm. The pelicans touched down, and 120 trees and 50 treehuggers got out, and joined the charge.
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PostSubject: Re: Hover Tree offensive   Wed Aug 01, 2007 5:58 pm

gosh this is so funny... plz open a discussion thread in the discussion section.. this will now be locked

P.S. plz PM me or avid when u wish to unlock this thread to add a new chapter...
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PostSubject: Re: Hover Tree offensive   Fri Aug 03, 2007 2:41 am

chapter 5 has been added to the story....
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Hover Tree offensive
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