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PostSubject: ADVERTISEMENTS RELATED ARTICLES Voracity Of The Alligator   Sat Feb 12, 2011 8:52 pm

Learn some facts about Alligator Gar to help you catch more of them when you go fishing

Alligator Gar look like something right out of a science fiction movie or a mad geneticist's laboratory, as their name implies, they have a head that looks more like an alligator then a fish. They can grow to be massive in size, often reaching over seven feet in length, and weighing over two hundred pounds. Their overall body color usually is greenish-brown, but can vary slightly depending upon water conditions and the main food supply in the area they live.

Despite their appearance the Alligator Gar are a non threatening species of fish, as far as their threats to humans, as there has only been three or four known encounters when they have attacked people, and even in these cases, it was caused by someone dangling their feet in the water off a dock, or some other such incident, where the fish mistakes it for some new food source. And even the cases where a human was attacked by an Alligator Gar, it was not some aggressive attack, but a random bite, and then the fish fled the scene.

Alligator Gar tend to live mostly in the slower pools and backwaters of rivers, and some lakes and bayous, they can live just fine in freshwater as well as salt water. Often they are seen slowly moving near the surface of the water, giving them the appearance of a crocodile, as they forage for food sources. They are a prized fish to catch by many sportsmen for a trophy mount on the wall, due to their large size and aggressive look.

Alligator Gar like to eat; live fish, ducks and other such birds that land and swim about on the waters surface, turtles, and even water snakes. When pole fishing for them, make sure you have high quality equipment that can handle a huge fish, that fights like a monster. And many fishermen shoot the fish, or use some other method to kill it before bringing it into the boat, or shore. Trying to contend with a live Alligator Gar is when some nasty bites and accidents usually occur, as it's like trying to remove a hook from inside the mouth of an alligator. A favorite fishermen's bait for them is live fish, or cut bait fish, that are bloody and even slightly rancid.

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