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 Indo-Scythians expelled the Indo-Greeks

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PostSubject: Indo-Scythians expelled the Indo-Greeks    Tue Feb 08, 2011 8:30 am

Indo-Scythians expelled the Indo-Greeks by the mid 1st century BC, but lost the area to the Kushan Empire about 100 years later.[6] The name "Kush" is mentioned in the Bible (Old Testament), referring to the land of North of Sudan, Ethiopia, Aritrea and Somalia of our days. as told in the story of Ester, the Persian King Achashverosh rulled teritorries that spread from India till Kush, refering to the Kingdom that existed around 3000 BC till the 6 century BC.From that kingdom came the Hebrew word "Kushi", refering a Black African. There is no connection between Kush of India to the one mentioned in the Bible.[7] The word "Koh" or "Kuh" means mountain in many of the local languages. The name Hindu Kush is probably a corruption of Hindi-Kash or Hindi-Kesh, the boundary of Hind (i.e. Indian subcontinent).[1]

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Indo-Scythians expelled the Indo-Greeks
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