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 ing the shale oil to condense. In addition,

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PostSubject: ing the shale oil to condense. In addition,   Sun Feb 06, 2011 5:26 am

Shale oil extraction process decomposes oil shale and converts its kerogen into shale oila petroleum-like synthetic crude oil. The process is conducted by pyrolysis, hydrogenation, or thermal dissolution.[20][21] The efficiencies of extraction processes are often evaluated by comparing their yields to the results of a Fischer Assay performed on a sample of the shale.[22]
The oldest and the most common extraction method involves pyrolysis (also known as retorting). In this process, oil shale is heated until its kerogen decomposes into condensable shale oil vapors and non-condensable combustible oil shale gas. Oil vapors and oil shale gas are then collected and cooled, causing the shale oil to condense. In addition, oil shale processing produces spent oil shale, which is a solid residue. Spent shale consists of inorganic compounds (minerals). The spent material from some extraction processes contains char (some authors use the terms coke residue or semi-coke instead of char)a carbonaceous residue formed from kerogen. Spent shale and ash can be used as ingredients in cement or brick manufacture.[20][23] The composition of the oil shale may lend added value to the extraction process through the recovery of by-products, including ammonia, sulfur, aromatic compounds, pitch, asphalt, and waxes.[11]

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ing the shale oil to condense. In addition,
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